How to Sharpen the Eyeliner and Lip Liner Pencils? Expert Guide

Sharpening the eyeliner and lip liner pencils are very important for the women to get the perfect result as compared to the dull pencils. But sometimes due to a lot of breakage issues, it’s become complicated to sharpen the eyeliner and lip liner. Moreover, it’s’s easy to use the sharp eyeliner and lip liner as compared to a dull ones. Sharp eyeliner and lip liner gives a perfect look to your makeup.


Moreover, regularly sharpening also prevents your eyeliner and lip liner from usual dirt and bacteria. Let’s see some useful ways to sharpen the eyeliners and lip liners.

Tips to sharpen eyeliner

  • The first and the most important thing is to use the specially designed sharpener for the eyeliner. Many people try to sharpen the eyeliner with the regular sharpeners; they need to sure that the regular sharpeners are responsible for the continuous lead breakage.
  • Some people also prefer to cool down the eyeliner before sharpening to minimize the lead breakage. You can always put your eyeliner in the refrigerator after use, so it’s’s always ready for sharpening purposes. Ignoring this step can lead you to the continuous breakage of the eyeliner lead.
  • The next is again about the sharpener. We know the eyeliners have also come in different diameters. So keeping an eye on the sharpener diameter is also very important. Whenever you buy a sharpener for your eyeliner, make sure it’s’s perfectly fit with your eyeliner.
  • Try to gently put the eyeliner in the sharpener hole, and start turning it with minimum resistance. Turn the pencil until you get a clear and sharp point. Now, gently remove the pencil from the eyeliner.
  • The next thing is about the cleaning of the sharpener for future use. Make sure to properly remove the eyeliner shaving from the sharpener to maintain its sharpness. In this way, the sharpener will sharpen the eyeliner effectively in the future as well.

Tips to sharpen the lip liner

  • The first tip to sharpen the lip liner is about the use of a suitable sharpener, which is specially designed for the lip liner. The lip liner and many other cosmetic pencils have a waxy texture. But the regular sharpeners are mostly designed for the hard pencil lead. These sharpeners can lead you to continue to lead breakage.
  • You can also put the lip liner in the refrigerator for some time before the sharpening to get the perfect results. 10 to 20 minutes before the sharpening is enough to get good results. The cold lip liner is less likely to break as compared to other lip liners.
  • Make sure to press the liner inside the sharpener hole tightly and use the evenly twisting motion to get the perfect results. But make sure to don’t push too tightly, it can break the lip liner tip.
  • Try to replace the sharpener, if you found the lip liner tip is continuously breaking. The dull blades can be responsible for the continuous breaking of the pencil tip. The dull blades press against your liner can break it rather than shaving.
  • You can also soften the liner tip a little bit before applying on the lip. It can give you the best results.

What is the history of the pencil sharpeners?

A pencil sharpener is a mechanical tool that is used for sharpening pencils. This tool shaves the pencil casing and perfectly shaped the inner core for different purposes. There are different kinds of sharpeners that can operate manually or electrically. Before the special sharpeners, people usually use the knife for this purpose.

When we talk about the very first sharpener, it belongs to a French mathematician in 1828 who patented the first pencil sharpener. But that sharpener didn’t get much success due to its poor design. The older sharpener design contained the metal files in a wooden box that didn’t give good results as compared to a knife. But after that, the improved design came with only one blade in a conical housing. It was known as the prism sharpener. After that, the next improvement came in 1851, with a little bit of development in the design.

After that, the next improvement came in 1896, which is mostly like today’s design. There are many improvements in today’s design, but the basic function is the same.

What is the difference between blades vs. helix sharpener?

The blades and helix sharpeners are the two main types of pencil sharpeners that people use to sharpen the eyeliner or lip liner. Let’s see how both sharpeners are different.

  • The first one is the blade sharpener, which is more familiar as compared to the helix sharpener. It is a mostly used sharpener in the schools. You need to put the pencil in the conical chamber and twist it. The rotatory pencil touch with the blade, and the outer cover is removed in steps until the inner part is exposed.
  • The second one is the helix sharpener. It is more complicated as compared to the regular blade sharpeners. The main difference is that the pencil remains stationary in helix sharpeners. The helix sharpener has a spiraling series of sharp ridges along its length. This cylinder rotates around the pencil and removes the outer pencil cover slowly until the inner lead-exposed and sharps the inner lead to an excellent point.


From all the above discussion, we can conclude that we can’t use the regular pencil sharpeners for each purpose. It will be best if you choose the specially made sharpeners for all the purposes. If you want to sharpen the eyeliner and lip liner, you need to buy the specially made sharpener for this purpose.

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