What are the Important Tools for Watercolor Painting?

Do you know about the important tools for watercolor painting? When we talk about the watercolor painting, you always need some special tools to get the perfect result with maximum ease. Whatever kind of water paint medium you are using, you can’t completely prevent the mess. But when talk about the watercolor pens, these are almost non-messy as compared to tube watercolors. But some important tools are available which can help you to get the perfect results.


Important tools for watercolor painting

There are different types of watercolor painting tools available which can be used for multiple purposes. These tools mainly include the palette, water container, sponges, pencil, masking fluid, and a spray bottle, etc. Let’s see some important tools for watercolor painting.


The palette is one of the important tools in watercolor painting which can be used for many purposes. You can use the palette for mixing the color and blending the colors before applying them to the paper. You need to choose a palette which is minimum flat, white, and impervious to water. The most popular design of the palette is a rectangular shape, and well along the side with a flat area to mix the colors.

Water container

The water container is another important tool to help you during the watercolor painting. Whenever you choose a water container, make sure it is unbreakable with have wide mouths. Moreover, you need to have two water containers at a time. One for diluting the brushes, and the other for cleaning the brushes.


The sponge is one of the important tools in the watercolor painting to soak the excess water. You can use it to soak the water from the brushes. Moreover, it is also helpful to moist the paper and creates texture on wet paper.


The scraper is the perfect tool to manipulate the watercolor paint. You can also use the palette knife, a credit card, and the tips of the brush to manipulate the paint. Whatever thing you are going to use make sure to manipulate it perfectly to get the desired consistency.


The pencils are also important tools in watercolor painting as the different kinds of pencils are also used in watercolor painting for different purposes. You can use a pencil to draw sketches and gradients, etc. These are very helpful for the preliminary drawing.

Masking fluid

Sometimes many artists want to preserve some white area of the paper for their paintings. They normally use the masking fluid for this purpose. You need to cover the white area with masking fluid or tape that you want to remain white. After coloring, you can simply remove the masking fluid or tape.

Towel and tissues

Towel and tissues are also very important tools for watercolor painting due to the messy nature of the watercolors. You can use the towel and tissue to dry the brush and blot the paper. Moreover, make sure to remove the excess paint around it to keep the space clean. You can use the tissues to remove the excess paint.

Spray bottle

Sometimes the paint is just dried on the palette which is not good to keep the watercolor effects. Spray bottles are the best tools to keep the paint wet to create special effects. Normally the spritzer is used to keep the paint wet.

How can I maintain the watercolor brush for a long time?

Watercolor brushes are important tools to get different effects with the watercolor in painting. But you need to take proper care of the watercolor brushes to get the maximum benefits. The bristles of the watercolor brushes are very important to maintain their preciseness. Let’s see some points which can help you to maintain the watercolor brush for a long time.

  • Sometimes people just put the brush bristles in the water and think that it’s good for cleaning. But you need to make sure that you don’t need to put the bristles in the water for any duration.
  • You can rinse the brush bristles in the water, but make sure that the water is cold. The hot water is not good for the brush bristles.
  • After cleaning with water, shake the excess water from the watercolor brush. You can use the fingers to remove the excess water. After cleaning, put it flat to dry.
  • The last point is about the storing of the watercolor brushes. Make sure to store the water brush up in the jar. So, the brush bristles are not bent.

By following all the above-mentioned points, you can easily maintain the watercolor brush and all its tools for painting for a very long time.

Do I need to stretch the watercolor paper before painting?

Stretching the watercolor paper is a good technique before painting to get the perfect results. A lightweight paper will buckle when you use it before stretching. For stretching, you can soak the paper in the water for 10 to 15 minutes and put it on the flat board. You can use the tap, staples, tacks, or glue to attach the paper with the flat board. Because the paper will shrink after drying and will create tension on the surface. After completing the painting, detach it from the board.


From all the above discussion we can conclude that there are different important tools available which can help you to get the perfect results with watercolor. These tools include the palette, water containers, sponges, scrapers, pencil, masking fluid, towel, and a spray bottle. You can use these tools for various purposes in the watercolor painting as discussed above.

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