What is the important equipment and material in airbrushing?

Do you want to know about the important equipment and material in airbrushing? Airbrush is a vital tool to get the perfect results of the painting with a uniform look. It’s beneficial when you are looking to get quick results with maximum proficiency. But to operate an airbrush, there is a lot of other equipment and material necessary to complete your work. These things mainly include air sources, air hoses, a compressor, a regulator, and many other accessories as well.


Different equipment, and material for airbrushing

The things mentioned above are the essential components to operate an airbrush. Let’s discuss various things to know why these are necessary for an airbrush.

Air sources


The first and most important thing is the compressor. It is best if you have a compressor that can produce a minimum of 30 PSI. It is the minimum PSI which is recommended to operate an airbrush. But for many advanced applications of an airbrush, you must need a compressor that can produce 65 PSI. For example, when you are looking for a T-shirt painting, a higher-pressure compressor can provide you the best results. Many applications also require lower pressure as well; for example, when we talk about nail art and illustration, it requires 10 PSI. Moreover, it’s recommended to use the regulator for higher and lower pressure applications.


A pressurized tank of gas is necessary to operate an airbrush. Co2 regulator is a perfect choice to connect to the air hose and moderate the pressure. You can also use any other inert pressurized gas for this purpose.

Air tank

You can use a small compressor filled air tank for short-term projects. It is perfect for oriented airbrush applications.


You can also use a can of air to enable the airbrushing. A small can will be perfect, which can spray for 5 to 15 minutes. It is an ideal tool to use for beginners. They can start the professional airbrushing just after using the air can. After using some cans, you can go for the compressor.

Air hoses

There are different types of air hoses, which are an essential part of material and equipment, that are required for airbrushing. Let’s find out those types.

Braided air hose

An air hose can come in different types, and the braided air hose is one of the most important and commonly used air hoses for the airbrushing. A braided air hose can easily handle over 100 PSI. You can choose among the in-line moisture traps or quick disconnects braided air hoses.

Clear air hoses

Clear air hoses are also best in particular environments where in-line moisture may use. This is perfect for observing the material before reaching to the airbrush. The clear air hose can easily handle the 50 PSI. You can buy a clear air hose in moisture traps. Moreover, these are only available in moisture traps.

Recoil air hoses

When you are looking for painting the small areas, the recoil air hoses are perfect. These air hoses stay out of the way. A recoil air hose can also handle up to 50 PSI. So, you can easily use it for the applications of up to 50 PSI.

Vinyl air hoses

A Vinyl air hose is a primary air hose to use with the propeller. A vinyl air hose can handle up to 40 PSI. This air hose is not recommended for the air compressor.


whenever you are looking for equipment and material for airbrushing, you can’t ignore the regulators. Let’s see different types of regulators.

Air regulator with a gauge 

An air regulator is a perfect choice to control the air pressure to the maximum accuracy. The dial setting of the air regulator with gauge helps the user to set the air pressure at the exact PSI.

Air regulator without gauge

An airbrush regulator also provides the air pressure control, but it is based on a trial and error system. In this case, you first run a small test and check if the pressure is according to your need then you can use it; otherwise, change it accordingly.

Air regulator with gauge and moisture trap

In this type of regulator, the gauge and moisture are combined together. You can use this type of regulator depending upon your work.

Moisture traps

Moisture trap is a component of airbrushing which captures the moisture produced by the compressor. These are the perfect regulators to use in the high humidity areas. In these areas, they are very helpful in preventing moisture from spreading in the air.


There are many other accessories as well, which are very helpful while airbrushing. These accessories include the stencil cutting knife, airbrush needle lubricants, airbrush holder, FlastBlast jar adaptors, and siphon filters. All these things are very beneficial for airbrushing.

Making mediums

Some making mediums are also necessary to get the perfect results. These things mainly include the stencils, Frisket film, and stencil film.

Guide for airbrush equipment and material

Cleaning tips of an airbrush

Cleaning of an airbrush its equipment and material are necessary while airbrushing to get the perfect results. You can follow the below steps to clean out the airbrush.

  • Firstly, you need to check if the material on the airbrush is dry or not. If the material is not dry yet, it’s easy to clean this airbrush. You can spray the cleaning agent to clean out these types of airbrushes. Make sure to choose the cleaning agent according to your material used.
  • If the material is dry in the airbrush, you need to backflush the airbrush. It is done by suffocating the airflow of the airbrush at the nozzle. You can also use the soft towel or soft cloth at the end of the nozzle; this will send back the material in the cleaning bottle.
  • In some rare cases, when the airbrush is dirtier, you may need to disassemble the airbrush completely. The thorough cleaning of these type airbrushes is necessary to maintain the preciseness.

So, you can choose any of the above-mentioned cleaning steps according to your airbrush’s situations.


From all the above discussion, we can conclude that there are much other equipment and material which are necessary for airbrushing. All these things are briefly discussed above. These things play an essential role in the preciseness and smoothness of airbrushing. So, you need to know about these things as well to operate an airbrush.

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