How Can We Use the Water Brush Pen? Learn the Professional Way

If you want to use the water brush pen, then you should know the real way of using it. A water brush pen is a good tool to use with the watercolor pens for many purposes. The water brush pen has a bunch of bristles at one end, but the handle of the water brushes is not like the traditional watercolor brushes. The handle of the water brush pen is like the watercolor brush pens. This particular and unique shape of the watercolor brush pen provides you maximum control during use. The handle of these pens is like a container or reservoir to hold the water. You can control the water leakage from the tip screw when you are not using the water brush pen.


When you start using the water brush pens, the water slowly comes down from the reservoir. There can be different shapes and water capacities of the water brush pens, but the main purpose of all the water brush pens of different brands is the same. Moreover, the size of the bristles can also vary in different brands.

Different uses of water brush pens

The water brush pen is a versatile tool to use for many purposes in the painting process. Especially when we talk about the watercolor painting, you can use the watercolor brush for the maximum ease. Let’s see the different uses of the water brush pen.

Controlling the flow of water

Water brush pens are the perfect tool to control the flow of water for multiple purposes. The bristles of the water brush are always wet and moist to provide you the best results on each use. You can control the water flow from the tip of the water brush by squeezing the water reservoir. You can squeeze the water brush container to get more water from the tip of the water brush pen. The squeezing time of the reservoir decides how much water will come from the water brush tip. If you want the continuous water from the water brush tip, you can simply squeeze the water reservoir for a long time making sure that the water is still in the water brush reservoir.

Use the water brush with watercolor paint

A water brush is an ideal tool to use with the watercolor pens as discussed above as well. It can eliminate the needs for a separate water container. It is a perfect tool to use for Plein air painting and sketching. You can touch the dry watercolor paint with the moist water brush pen tip to activate the watercolors. The moisture in the water brush pen will activate your watercolors. You can also drop a controlled amount of water in a separate pan to mix with the watercolors. The water quantity is mainly dependent upon the consistency of the color you want. After making the color, you can simply dip the water brush in the color and apply it on the surface.

Using a water brush flat and graded watercolor washes

You can also use the water brush to create the flat and grade washes like the normal watercolor brush. You can simply dip in and out to the watercolor brush to get the results. The moisture in the tip doesn’t make any difference, you don’t need to squeeze the reservoir to get the freshwater on every pick. Firstly, you can pick up some paint and lay it down on the paper, after that you don’t need to further add fresh water and paint. You can simply continue painting without further dipping the tip in the water or paint. Make sure to don’t squeeze the water reservoir in this whole process, it can end up with a puddle of water on your painting.

List the color from water-soluble pencils

This is another useful technique to use a water brush pen. You can also use the water brush tip to lift the color from water-soluble pencils and water-soluble crayons. To pick the color from the pencil, you need to put the water brush against the watercolor pencils and then rub it back and forth to the pencil to pick the color. When you get enough paint, you can stop rubbing them. It can be a little trial and error process; you can get the perfect consistency with practice. But you can also add more water from the water brush if you find that the consistency is not lighter than you want.

Turn watercolor pencil in paint

You can also use the watercolor brush for turning the watercolor pencil in the paint. If you are using the water-soluble pencils, you can simply rub the water brush over the water-soluble pencils to get the perfect results. Moreover, you don’t need to load the water again and again like the normal brush for the same purpose. You can simply control the water quantity by squeezing the water brush reservoir.

Cleaning of water brush

Cleaning of any painting related item is important to maintain the preciseness. But when we talk about the cleaning of the water brush, it’s very easy and fast as compared to any other painting related item. If you use the water brush pen regularly, then it means you have to clean it regularly. To clean the water brush, you can simply start with wiping any paint from the tip to the tissue or any other paper. After that, you can squeeze the water reservoir so that some water flow through the bristles. After water flow, you need to wipe the bristles again. You can repeat this process until you get a satisfactory cleaning of your water brush bristles.


From all the above discussion we can conclude that the water brush is a versatile tool that can be used for many purposes. But when we talk about watercolor pens, it becomes more important. Because you can use the water brush pen with the watercolor markers to create stunning effects. You can use the water brush with the watercolor pens to get different blending effects. Moreover, it’s also helpful to create many other unique effects that are impossible with the traditional water brush.

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