What is Haribo? A 3D Street Art Presented by World-renowned Street Artists

Watch this Master Piece in the making, world-renowned street artists, 3D Joe & Max used 7,000 pieces of HARIBO Tangfastics to help us bring the Tang Taste Experience to life.

Joe & Max did a fantastic job of creating this Heribo masterpiece. People were amazed to see the results. Initially, as you can see in the video that people seem to be a little confused, but when they completed this project, everyone appreciated the effort.


What exactly is Haribo?

Haribo is simply a jelly based candy. Recently the company that produced Haribo celebrated its 100 years of HARIBO. They also did their website a makeover. According to the message displayed on their website which says “We’ll be back before you know it! The new websites not only promise to be more colorful but will also offer new functions and a whole lot of inspiration for even more joy in everyday life!”

They also promised to share new creative ideas on their website with all the fans of Haribo. The company also said that they are introducing something exciting in the new future related to HARIBO LIVE; it can be in a shop or event near you.

They also asked fans who are interested in working for Haribo. If you are interested, you can contact them directly on their official website.

What can an artist do with Haribo?

Artists around the world can create many things with Haribo. It’s all up to their creative minds. Every artist is different and has the ability to create more masterpieces only using Haribo. The most common practice among all the artists is the use of bruhes and paints to create things.

Now the Artist can use Haribo to create different things. If you have created something, you can share this with us. We would love to share your work with our blog readers. Thank you

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