What are the Best Ways to Maintain the Canvas Painting?

Do you want to learn the best ways to maintain the canvas painting? Any type of artwork is costly and time-consuming, that’s why everyone wants to maintain their piece of art for a long time. But how can we preserve a work of art for a long time? Why do you need to store your art correctly to maintain its quality? How can you clean out your old art pieces to get the perfect look back? All these are very common and million-dollar questions from many artists.


Different ways to save the canvas

No one wants to see their work ruining so early. Let’s see the different ways which help the artists to maintain their work for a long time.

Frame your artwork

Framing is one of the best ways to maintain the original look of the canvas painting. But its somehow expensive for many artists. Especially when we talk about the custom frame. So, for simplicity, you can buy a standard size frame with a low price range. Although there are not many choices in the ready-made option, still it’s a good option if you found a perfect size. So, always try to use a frame to maintain the painting.

Regular dusting

Regular dusting is one of the easiest and common way to keep the shining look of the painting. It also helps to maintain the life of canvas painting for a long time. Artists can easily use a dry soft cloth or a fine brush for the dusting of the canvas painting. If your artwork is in the frame, you can use a wet cloth for the dusting purpose of the picture. Moreover, make sure to hang the painting in less humid areas.

Sometimes the artwork is framed using the exposed canvas mat. In the exposed canvas mat case, you can use a toothbrush with soft soapy water. But make sure to make the full canvas mat wet to get the best results. Sometimes people use the wet cloth over the dust stain areas; it’s a bad technique. It will only increase the size of the stain over the canvas mat.

Prevent sun damage

Yes, the sun can also be responsible for the damaging of your paper and canvas painting as well. Sun can be responsible for the yellowing of your paper. Sometimes it completely disintegrates the painting canvas. Moreover, it’s also responsible for minimizing the strength of the painting canvas. So, it’s a better option to store and hang the canvas painting away from the direct sunlight.

If you want to hang the painting in the direct sunlight; make sure to use the UV protected glass in front of your picture. There are different grades in the UV protected glass; the better-quality UV protected glass gives the perfect results. You need to bear the expenses of a UV protected glass for this purpose.

Even the canvas paintings also need a UV protected glass to maintain the shinning of the paper. You can use the UV insulated glass with spacers for canvas painting.

Store the painting

If you don’t want to hang your painting, the best way to maintain the canvas painting is to store it. But you need to know about the different storing techniques to keep the canvas painting correctly. All these techniques are mainly revolving around wrapping the canvas painting in different protective layers. Let’s see these techniques

  • In the first technique, you can use brown paper to store the canvas painting. Wrap your canvas painting in the brown paper and store it in any dry place.
  • The second technique is about the use of bubble wrap. So, wrap your canvas painting in a bubble wrap and store it in any dry place.
  • The next thing is about the use of frame corners. Make sure to use frame corners on each corner of your canvas painting.
  • You can use any solid box to store your wrapped work.

Protection of canvas during shipping

Protection of the canvas during shipping is also essential because the maximum damages of the canvas happen during the shipping of the canvas painting for various purposes. You can double the box with cardboard on each side to ensure the maximum safety of the canvas painting during the shipping. Make sure the canvas painting is not moving in the box. For this purpose, you can fill the box with other pictures as well. This is how you can maintain your canvas painting during shipping, as moving canvas inside the box can be responsible for many kinds of damages during the shipping.

Tips to get incredible painting results

There are many non-traditional methods and water coloring tips, which help you to get incredible results with the watercolor painting. You need to correctly set the paper before starting the picture to get the ideal results. You can use the animal-based glue to prepare the canvas for painting. It is perfect for making the paper less absorbent. Let’s see some other experimental techniques

  • It will be best if you allow the watercolor to bleed before blotting.
  • When you paint the layers, stretch it to create the intense whites.
  • You need to use brown paper for night sketches.
  • Use a complex system for layering purposes.
  • You can get the texture effect by pressing the wet paint with the thumb.
  • Glaze the striated layers.
  • If you are looking for physical objects, you can glaze the thick layers with pigment. For atmospheric effects, you can glaze the thin layers.

All of the above steps are perfect for getting incredible results.


From all the above discussion, we can conclude that the maintenance of the canvas painting is essential to maintain the good look of the painting. There are many techniques and prevention to maintain a perfect look of the canvas painting. You need to know about all the above-mentioned techniques to maintain your canvas painting for a long time. So, try to concentrate on the different above methods.

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