5 Best Oil Pastels 2021 – Perfect For Professional & Beginner Level Artists

Are you looking for the best oil pastels 2021? Oil pastels are very commonly used mediums for painting and drawing. They have characteristics like the pastels and wax crayons. This painting and drawing medium is made up of mixed pigment, non-drawing oil, and wax binders. All these features make the oil pastels less powdery.


Oil pastels usually have a harder edge as compared to soft and French pastels. This drawing medium can be used as dry to get the effect like an oil painting. Moreover, the oil pastels are considered as fast-medium. This is the reason that people also use them for sketching and other sustained works.

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                                                                Sakura Expressionist Oil Pastel Set


The surface can also play an important role in the oil pastels painting effect. Usually, the paper is used as a pastel’s painting surface, but we can also use the wood, metal, hardboard, MDF, canvas, and glass as an oil painting surface.

In this article, we are going to list the best available oil pastels in each price range. We have just done some research and talked with the professionals to list the best oil pastels for you. So, if you are looking for the best oil pastels, you are in the right place.

List of Best Oil Pastels


1. Pentel Arts Oil Pastels

Pentel-Arts-Oil-PastelsPentel arts oil pastels come on the top of the list due to their large variety of colors and assortments. The versatile nature of this oil pastel set makes it perfect for all the ages and artists. When we compare the oil pastels with the chalk pastels, these are more vivid and long-lasting. The wide array of colors in this oil set makes it very easy to use for various purposes. This ACMI certified set of oil pastels provide you a great satisfaction of mind. Moreover, the classroom size of these oil pastels set makes it perfect to use in the classroom as well. Let’s see some other features of these oil pastels.

Brilliant colors

This oil pastel set consists of a large variety of brilliant colors. The whole set consists of 432 pieces, which is a very large number as compared to other pastels set. You can easily find a color of your choice from 432 pieces.

Easily blendable

These colored pastels can easily apply and blend. You can use these pastels for subtle shade, tints, and color mixtures. You can easily use these pastels on board, paper, and canvas.


It is an acid-free set of oil pastels. It provides you the maximum safety during the work. So, it’s a perfect feature of the oil pastels for longer-lasting drawings.

Dimensions and weight

The product comes with the dimensions of 8.63 x 10.38 x 2.5 inches and 5.87 pounds in weight.

                                                                          Here are some Pros & Cons of this Product

  • 432 pieces
  • Easily blendable
  • Acid-free
  • Brilliant colors
  • Maybe high in price


2. [Mungyo Gallery] Non-Toxic Soft Oil Pastels

Mungyo-Gallery-Non-Toxic-Soft-Oil-PastelsIt is another set of oil pastels with a variety of assorted colors. It is a good set of oil pastels for professional artists and beginners. These are round type oil pastels that can be used for various purposes. You can easily use these pastels for gradation, scrapping, blending, and stippling, etc. This oil pastels material is rich in color and smooth in its consistency. These oil pastels are perfect for any artistic expression. You can easily blend these soft oil pastels as dry or solvent. These are non-toxic soft oil colors to provide you a long-lasting painting. Let’s see some other features of these oil pastels.

Brilliant colors

This oil pastel set comes in the list with all the basic colors to provide you a good painting experience. There are 48 colors available in this set. All the oil pastels in this set come in the size of 70mm x 11mm.


This set of color oil pastels also contain the bundle of rubber pastels erasers. Moreover, a perfect and durable package of this set makes it suitable to take it anywhere.

Easy to draw

It’s easy to draw these pencils with a smooth and fade-resistant touch. The finest material of these oil pastels makes them ideal for perfect results.

Dimension and weight

The package comes with a dimension of 8 x 4 x 0.5 inches and 1.6 pounds weight.

                                                                         Here are some Pros & Cons of this Product

  • 48 color pastels
  • Easy to draw
  • Rubber eraser included
  • Round type


  • Not water soluble


3. Sakura Expressionist Assorted Color Oil Pastel Set

Sakura-Expressionist-Assorted-Color-Oil-Pastel-SetIf you are looking for a good pastel set in an average price range, this can be an excellent set for you. It is an asserted color oil pastel set for the professionals and the beginners as well. The extra-fine quality pigment of these colors makes them perfect for professional work. You can easily use it on many kinds of surfaces; these surfaces include the papers, canvas, wood, and cardboard. The non-toxic feature of these oil pastels makes your painting very durable for long life. Let’s see some other features of this color pastels set.


It is a versatile type of color oil pastel set, which can be used for various purposes. You can easily compose the portraits, landscape, still-life, abstract, scratch art, wall art, and stenciling by using these color oil stencils. It can give a perfect oil painting look to your drawing.

Brilliant colors 

This set of brilliant oil pastels is ideal for professional and beginner artists as well. The 36 color oil pastels provide you a great variety of colors for different types of work.

Extra fine quality

These are an extra-fine quality color pastel in this price range. It’s easy to use with smooth and fade-resistant touch.

Dimensions and weight

The package comes with the dimensions of 10.25 x 0.65 x 6 inches and 2.2-pound in weight.

                                                                         Here are some Pros & Cons of this Product

  • Versatile
  • 36 color pastels
  • Extra fine quality
  • Average price range


  • little softer


4. Mungyo Water-Soluble Oil Pastel Set

Mungyo-Water-Soluble-Oil-Pastel-Set-Another oil pastel set is in the list by the Mungyo due to their variety of perfect pastel sets in different price ranges. These assorted color pastels are perfect for the best result of your painting. The buttery and the creamy consistency of these oil pastels makes them ideal for everyone. This simple and unique set of oil pastels can be used anywhere. All the color pastels in this set come with 3.25 inches length and 0.5 inches diameter. It’s a perfect size to control the oil pastels to get the ideal painting results. Let’s see some other features of this pastel set.


These pastel sets are water-soluble, which makes them versatile. You can easily blend these pastels wet or dry. Moreover, you can use the water to thin the layer to get the watercolor effects. You can use them for drawing and sketching.

Brilliant colors

This set of oil pastels consist of all the basic colors needed for the beautiful painting. You can easily choose among the 24 color pastels in this set. These are enough to fulfill all your basic needs. Moreover, the water-soluble feature of these pastels makes them perfect for getting a different color mix.

Dimensions and weight

It has the package dimensions of 9.06 x 7.87 x 0.79 inches and 12 ounces in weight.

                                                                         Here are some Pros & Cons of this Product

  • Water-soluble
  • 24 color pastels
  • Lightweight
  • Creamy consistency


  • less variety


5. Crayola Oil Pastels

Crayola-Oil-PastelsCrayola oil pastels come last on the list with a low price and useful features to meet your oil pastels painting needs. The assorted colors in this set are suitable to meet all your basic needs of oil pastels. These small size oil pastels make them perfect to use them at home and school as well. The rich color and creamy laydown of these pastels are right to work on a small scale. Mainly when we talk about beginners, these can be used as a perfect starter. But you can use them as a professional oil pastel. All these pastels are made up of Crayola material. Let’s see some other features of this low-price pastel set.


The too big and the greater diameter pastels are usually not easy to grip and don’t provide the easy drip as well. Especially as a beginner, you always need a good pastel, which gives you maximum control during use. That’s why these pastels are suitable for you even if you are a beginner.


It is a perfect versatile oil pastel which can be used for various purposes. You can easily use these pastels for landscape masterpieces and decorative t-shirts.

Brilliant colors

This set of oil pastels consist of 28 different color pastels. It’s a good number of pastels in this price range.

Dimensions and weight

The package comes with the dimensions of 0.7 x 7 x 7.38 inches and 5 ounces weight.

                                                                         Here are some Pros & Cons of this Product

  • Easy-grip
  • Versatile
  • 28 color pastels
  • Lightweight


  • Not good for detailed work


Tips to enhance your oil pastels painting

Oil pastels are one of the best ways to give life to your painting. Oil pastels can take your painting at an exceptional level. These soft and vibrant medium gives the perfect performance to meet your expectations. But you can’t just get the ideal results without learning about the different techniques of using the oil pastels. Moreover, practice is always necessary to reach the expected level of the painting results. So, if you also think that there is a space for improvement in using the pastels, you can simply follow the below tips.


Blending is an important technique in each type of painting. Almost every type of painting requires blending to create different effects. For the perfect blending results, you need to apply another shade on the first color, just after applying the first color. After applying another shade, you can use the blending tool or your finger to rub the shades together to get another color. The obtained color will be another tone as compared to the original one.


You can also do the blending prior to the applications as well. For pre-blending, you can take the colors on a palette that you want to blend. This can be more interesting, as you can observe the resulting colors before applying to the application.


In this technique, the texture is produced by using the consistent work of dots. Many artists also know this technique as pointillism or stippling. In this technique, the tip of the oil pastels is used to get the desired results. It is a very slow process that requires a lot of patience to complete the work. But you will get an amazing outcome by using this technique. Make sure to gently produce the dot, don’t put too much pressure on the pastel.


Overlaying is a process of creating the layer by just working on base first. This technique is perfect for creating the sheeting effect and for covering the paint below. Moreover, it’s also good to thicken the shade.

Extenders for gradation

When artists apply the oil pastels, they usually use their fingers or any blending tool to achieve a smooth surface. But you can also use an extender to form a texture. The transparency of the colors can be improved by an extender. Sometimes people also use the extender before applying the pastels to create the base.


Impasto technique is perfect for getting the effect like an oil painting by using the oil pastels. For this purpose, you need the softer pastels which make a paste by blending over and over. But the on-paper mixing is not recommended, it can damage the ongoing process.


It is another simple method that is helpful in achieving great oil pastels results. Some artists have also known it as sgraffito. It is a technique in which the oil pastels are used as dry. In this technique, the oil pastels behave like soft pastels and create many great effects.


Using stencils is a perfect technique that can minimize mistakes and can be done faster. First, you need to cut a shape from hard paper for the stencils. Now lay it on the sheet and start coloring to get the shape accordingly. You can also directly start coloring on the edge of the cut shape to transfer the color on the paper.


The masking technique uses tape over the paper to create different patterns. A draft paper can also be used for this purpose. You can easily shape the tape according to your need. After preparing, you can move to the drawing process. But. When you are drawing, try to keep in mind that you are not coloring on the actual paper.

Resist effect

The appealing look of the piece is referred to as the resist effect. You can easily achieve this by using the watercolor after completing the drawing. The oil pastels contain the oil, so they can resist the water, and leave a beautiful effect on the drawing.

Short strokes

When you are looking for creating the multiplier effect and textures, the short-stroke technique is beneficial for you. It is also beneficial for creating the painting concept. You can draw the grass and dynamic effect by using short strokes. It can be beneficial while drawing the rain.


Drawing is a fundamental technique in different types of painting. Whenever you are going to do the painting, a basic sketch and lines are necessary to highlight the work. This is the best way to get more control over the outcome.

Long strokes

Long strokes are perfect for the drawing on the grass filled areas like the short strokes. It is also very beneficial for drawing the hairs. The length of the strokes doesn’t matter if you meet the requirements. You can also draw the hay and animal fur texture.

Rule of 3s

This technique is consisting of 3 rules. The first thing is about the choice of colors. This technique gives you a more natural and realistic look.


The underpainting technique is related to cover the white areas of the painting, which does not look obvious to the eyes. So, you can replace another color by creating a light wash.

Crumb control

When you are using the color pastels, there is another piece that comes with them in the form of crumbs. This is actually not a technique; it’s pointed out to remove the unwanted inconvenience. This is the best way to keep the artwork clean and neat.

Thinner wash

Some people use the thinner to thin the oil paint; similarly, you can also use the thinner for oil pastels as well. If your oil pastels are water-soluble, you can get the effect like liquid oil medium.

Wet effects

If your pastels are water-soluble, you can get the effect like watercolors by mixing it with the water. This technique is beneficial when you are thinking about creating multiple effects within the piece.

Grass effect

As a beginner, it’s a little bit challenging to get the grass effect. As mentioned earlier as well, you can use the small or large strokes depending upon the grass you need. You can highlight the multiple shades to get the perfect results.

Oil pastel drawing guide for beginners

How can we buy a set of perfect oil pastels?

When you are looking to buy a set of oil pastels, there are a lot of oil pastel sets available in the market. These oil pastels come in a variety of colors, depending upon their prices. The expensive pastel color sets have more variety of colors as compared to lower price pastel sets. But almost all the sets are perfectly designed to meet all the basic needs of color pastels. As we have listed the best available color pastels in each price range. But still, if you want to look for any other pastel set, you can simply follow the below general points. These points can lead you to the perfect oil pastel set according to your need.

  • Firstly, you need to decide your price range if you are price restricted.
  • After that, see the different pastel sets in your price range.
  • Pick the perfect set of pastels which has all the basic colors which you need.
  • If you want the variety in your work, then choose the set with more color options.
  • Always choose among the best oil pastels brands.
  • Check the grip of pastels, as the easy gripping leads to more quality work.
  • Are you satisfy with your purchase decision?

These are some general points that can lead you to the best oil pastels in the market in your range.


From all the above discussion, we can conclude that there are a lot of pastel sets available in the market. These pastel sets can have a variety of colors depending upon their price. But all the pastel sets are perfectly designed to meet your basic need. You just need to pick the best one according to your need. We have just listed the best available oil pastels in each price range. So, just pick a pastel set from the above list according to your need.

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