The 5 Best Brushes for painting miniatures 2021| Expert Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

You must be looking for the best brushes for painting miniatures? You are at the right place! Different types of Brushes are used for a beautiful and stylish painting. When we talk about the miniature Brushes, these brushes come in different sizes for various styles of arts. These brushes are usually made up of sable, bristle, and acrylic. These brushes almost entirely contain nylon, and synthetic.

The professional artist used these type of brushes for various purposes. A set of brushes for painting miniature can contain the round brush, flat brush, angular brush, filbert brush, dagger brush, a tongue brush, combo brush, and a fan brush.

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All the above types of brushes can be used for various purposes. But there is always a need for proper cleaning and carrying to maintain the painting brushes for a longer time. So whenever you used the painting brushes, make sure to thoroughly clean them after every use.

Best brushes for painting miniature
Best brushes for painting miniature

The next thing is about the price of these brushes. Usually, these brushes’ prices are not too high. You can easily find a variety of brushes for painting miniature. If you are looking for the best brushes for painting miniature, this article is going to help you.

List of Best brushes for painting miniature


Miniature paint brush detail set review 1. Miniature Paint Brushes Detail Set

This detailed set of brushes comes in the list with a variety of purposes with a stunning unique design. There are 12 different pieces available in this complete set. This set also contains the Acrylic watercolor oil. These are the detail brushes with pointed rounds, flats, and liner from sizes 0000 to 1. This detail set can be used for various purposes, including the Warhammer 40k, dnd miniatures, miniature painting kit, arts, crafts, hoppy pointers, nail, face painting, and ceramic models. The portable container of this set enables you to carry the brushes anywhere with maximum ease. Let’s see some other features of this detailed set.

Seven layers of wood handles   

The seven layers of wood handles ensure no more flaking on grips with UV coat paint. This is good to provide the best fine detail paintbrushes to the people.

Small paintbrush

The small and unique miniature brushes are perfect for detail and precise painting. You can easily reach the small and tight spots with a variety of brushes. This is an ideal setting for wildlife, botanical, portraiture, doll, illustrations, and model car figures.

Premium quality hair

The premium quality hairs of this brush are entirely hand-crafted to ensure the quality of the painting. The synthetic brushes are perfect for watercolor, acrylic, enamels, oil, and citadel.


This whole package of detail set contains the liners with size 4/0, 3/0, 2/0, and 1. The rounds with size 4/0, 3/0, 2/0, 0, and 1. The flats with size 0, and 1. Moreover, the package also contains one brush holder and one dust bag.

Dimension and weight

This product has dimensions of 9 x 2.12 x 2.12 inches and 4 ounces in weight.

                                               Here are some Pros & Cons of this Product

  • Seven-layer wood handle
  • Synthetic brushes
  • 12 pieces
  • UV coated handles
  • Durable plastic holder
  • Maybe a high price

2. Miniature Brushes with Holder      

Miniature Brushe with Holder reviewThis is another well-detailed set of miniature brushes with a perfect holder. This set also comes in the list of best brushes for painting miniatures with unique qualities and features. This can be a perfect set for detail and professional art painting. It has 12 different brushes for various purposes. You can easily manage any work from larger to narrower spaces with a variety of these brushes. You can easily use this set for painting in acrylic, oil, and watercolor. The 1-year replacement guarantee of this special pack is perfect for peace of mind. But make sure to properly clean out the brushes after every use to ensure the long life of the brushes. Let’s see some other features of this particular miniature brushes pack.


The perfect design and the material of the handle make it very easy to control the brushes. This thing plays an important role in the precision of any brush pointer. You can easily paint your models with maximum control.


The whole package of this particular design contains the rounds, liners, and flats. Moreover, a perfect holder of this design makes it very easy to use and store the brushes after use.

Dimension and weight

The dimensions of this product are 7.72 x 5.28 x 1.65 inches, and the weight is 6.3 ounces.

                                               Here are some Pros & Cons of this Product

  • 7
  • 12 pieces
  • Precise
  • Durable holder
  • 1-year guarantee
  • Not include carrying case

3. Adi’s Art Pro Paint Brushes Set for miniature painting

Adi Art Pro Paint Brushes review for painting miniaturesThis set of paintbrushes comes in the list of the best brushes for painting miniatures with a variety of brushes in the average price range. Although all the paintbrushes don’t have too much price, there is still a little difference in their prices depending upon some of their features. This set of brushes is good for professional painting. You can cover all the narrower spaces of the painting with the variety of this set. This set of miniature brushes comes in the regular black color. The zero shedding of the hairs of these brushes makes them perfect for the narrower spaces. But make sure to clean the paintbrushes after every use. This premium quality set of brushes has a guarantee of one year. Let’s see some other features of this set.


This art pro paint brushes set 10 pieces, which include the angle brushes, flat brushes, flat paintbrushes, fiber paint brushes, round paintbrushes, and rigger. This is a universal type of design that can be used by beginners or professional artists.

Brush hairs

All the brushes of this set have high-quality hairs that have zero shedding and stray hairs. It’s specially designed with firmly held bristles to perfectly hold the paint.

Dimension and weight

This product has a dimension of 10 x 4 x 0.5 inches and 2.39 ounces in weight.

                                               Here are some Pros & Cons of this Product

  • Versatile design
  • Ten pieces
  • Zero shedding
  • 1-year guarantee
  • Not good for oil

4. AIEX 9 Pieces Fine Detail Paint Brush for miniature painting

AIEX-9 Pieces Fine Detail Brushes for painting miniatures review At number 4 on our list of best brushes for painting miniatures, we have AIEX 9 Pieces brush. This is a well-detailed set of brushes for a different type of painting. You can easily use this set for acrylic, watercolor, oil, face, nail, scale, and model painting. The high-quality fine tips of these brushes are perfect for any kind of narrower paintings. These brushes are perfectly designed to maintain their shapes even after use and wash. Make sure to properly clean the brushes to maintain their shape and for their longer life. The different nine brushes of this paint set can be used for multiple purposes. Let’s see some other features of this paintbrush.

Fine tips

The detailed and fine quality tips of this feeder are good for any kind of painting. There is no any kind of hair-splitting with this brush. You can easily do the spotting and long lines.


The package includes nine different kinds of brushes with different thicknesses.  These thicknesses include the 000/00/0/1/2/3/4/5/6. You can easily use them for various purposes.

Good in shape

These are the perfectly shaped brushes in this price range. Even these brushes can maintain their shape after cleaning and washing. Make sure to clean and wash the brush carefully to prevent them from any bad shapes.

Comfortable handle

The comfortable handle of these brushes makes it very easy to grip and use these brushes. The triangular grip of these brushes is good to reduce hand fatigue.

Dimensions and weight

This product has dimension 8 x 4 x 0.5 inches and 2.39 ounces in weight.

                                              Here are some Pros & Cons of this Product

  • Fine tips
  • Triangular handle
  • 9 pieces
  • No shedding
  • Hard to maintain tips

5. Artbrush Tower Fine Detail Paint Brush Set for painting miniature

artbrush Tower Fine Detail Paint Brushes for painting miniaturesThis brush comes in the list of the best brushes for painting miniatures with perfect features in this price range. This detailed paint-brush can be used for various purposes. You can easily use this paint-brush set for watercolor, acrylic painting, models, and airplane kits. The ultra-durable material of this brush ensures the long life of these brushes. The non-shedding pointer of these brushes ensures the frustration-free painting. It’s easy to clean these brushes after use with warm water. You can simply use the fingers during cleaning to maintain the shape of the brushes. Let’s see some other features of this design.


This detailed set of miniature painting brushes includes the 7 different brushes for various purposes. These sizes include the size 000, 0,1,2,3, and 4.

Wood handle

The durable short wood handle of these brushes is perfect to control the brushes for various tasks. You can easily use these brushes for many narrower tasks.

Dimension and weight

This product has a dimension of 8.3 x 1.2 x 0.4 inches and 0.176 ounces in weight.

                                              Here are some Pros & Cons of this Product

  • 7 pieces
  • Wood handle
  • Anti-shedding
  • Nylon hairs
  • Not include carrying case

Miniature Brushes painting tips

Painting is an enjoyable and exciting work for many people. They love to paint different things, but they don’t know about the items, which can make the painting very easy for them. Moreover, there are some painting tips which can save their time and brushes as well. Let’s see these tips to help those people.

Not start with black color    

Starting with any other color, then black is an excellent way to save time and brushes as well because it’s hard to wash the black color. The four layers of the black color basecoat are hard to clean. It is also observed that removing yellow and red is also not easy. The best way to start the painting is, to begin with, any light color. Because these colors don’t take much time to wash, you can simply start with white pigment, which is easy to clean as compared to any other color.

Spend time on basing

Bases are essential for any painting. Because if you have a wrong base, you can’t have a good picture. So try to spend much time on bases as compared to picture. The other thing you can do is try to focus on the little faces as compared to hands. This is an excellent way to save time while painting.

Use the right brush size

You need to choose the right size brush for the right job. Especially when we talk about the narrower spaces, the size of the brush is significant. This can also affect your painting and painting time, as well. It is observed that many people prefer detailed brushes for every task. They just don’t use the other sizes in their life. These people need to know that this is not the best time-saving option. Once these people try to use the different sizes for specific tasks, they will know about the benefits of the other dimensions. So try to spend a little time choosing the right brush as compared to just a single detail brush.

Learn the color scheme

Learning color schemes is the best way to save time. You need to spend some time on learning the color schemes to avoid the mistakes. Although this can take some time, this is an excellent way to save time for the rest of life. When you learn these schemes, hopefully, you will see the difference himself.

Dilute the paint with something else than water

Water is not the first liquid to add in color. Because water evaporates too quickly as compared to other fluids, this quick evaporation will reflect in your painting as well. If you use the water to dilute the paint, you will see the slight change in your picture as well. You can simply use the Lahmian medium and Vallejo thinner. This will give you excellent results as compared to pure water.

Take care of the brushes

Taking care of the brushes is the best way to maintain the preciseness of the brush pointers. You need to thoroughly clean out the paintbrushes after every use. Don’t clean out the brushes hardly; this will severely affect the brush pointers. Warm soapy water can be an excellent solution to thoroughly clean out the brushes.

Buy some good brushes

To upgrade the painting level, you need to move towards more professional brushes. When you spend more money on buying the right brushes, you will see the difference in your painting. We are not saying that you just need to start with the expensive professional brushes. But when you think you know well about the picture, and you can only improve the results with some expensive professional brushes. This is the time to move for the professional brushes.

Steal ideas

Some people just tried to make something special and unique. But people need to understand that this is not the right way in the painting. You need to steal the ideas of others. You can simply take every stuff you can and learn from it. This is an excellent way to polish skills. Don’t always think about new and unique ideas.

Cleaning and carrying of the brushes

After buying the best brushes for painting miniatures it’s also important to clean them. Brushes are essential tools for any artist. These are the necessary and essential tools for the painting. So the cleaning and carrying of the brushes are critical. Because a dirty and de shaped brush can minimize the purpose of any picture, let’s see some cleaning and carrying tips which can play a role in maintaining the brushes pointers.

Firstly let’s see some cleaning tips.

Cleaning watercolor brushes

The pigment particles at the base of the brush are not suitable to carry on the painting because these can severely affect the precision of the brush pointer. So whenever you think the pigment particles are built at the brush base, this is the time to clean out the watercolor brush. You can simply clean the brush with a lint-free rag, and rinse it in the running water. Now you need to use the cold soapy water. Use your palm of the hands to clean the soapy brush. You can simply repeat this process until your satisfaction.

Cleaning oil color brushes

If you have used the oil to dilute the brushes, use a rag to minimize the color from your brush as much as possible. After then for further cleaning, you can simply use the white spirit, or brush cleaner. For the oily brush, you need to use warm water as compared to cold water for watercolor brushes. You can also use soap with warm water.

Cleaning acrylic color brushes

Cleaning of the acrylic brushes is more like cleaning the watercolor brushes. You need to use the white spirit for cleaning when you are using solvent-based varnishes. Similarly, you need to use the soapy water when you are using water-based varnishes. You can also use mild soap and cold water to clean out the acrylic brushes. Repeat this process until you get the clean water flowing through the painting brushes. If you are using thin acrylic paint, it’s little easy to remove.

To maintain the preciseness of the brushes, the proper carrying of the brushes is also essential. Let’s see some essential tips to care for the painting brushes.

Watercolor brush care

When we talk about the watercolor brushes, the hot water can make the clots of the paint in the brushes. Moreover, the strong soap may also damage the bristles by removing the natural oil. So make sure to use the little warm water to clean the watercolor brushes. Moreover, don’t clean the brushes hardly. This can minimize the preciseness of the brushes. You also need to get rid of the excess water from the watercolor brushes.

Oil color brush care

Some people use different detergents to clean the brushes. These detergents are nasty for the individual bristles on the brushes. Make sure to softly clean the oil color brushes to maintain the shape of the brushes pointers.

Acrylic brush care

The carrying of the acrylic brushes is most important. Make sure to don’t let the paintbrushes to dry after the painting. The dried paint is not soluble in this case, which builds a plastic-like dried texture. So make sure to clean out the acrylic brushes quickly after use. You can also simply put the brush in the water during the use to prevent them from any damage.

Drying of the brushes

After cleaning the brushes, the drying of the brushes is also essential. Make sure the bristles are facing upwards while drying. This is also very important to maintain the preciseness of the brush’s pointers. If you found any stain on the hairs, there is no need to worry about it.

Storing of the brushes

Storing of the brushes is also very important to maintain the preciseness of the brushes. Whenever you are going to save the brushes, makes sure the brush pointers are facing upward. Moreover, make sure the brushes are thoroughly dried before storing them. An entirely fit box is perfect for storing the paintbrushes. For this purpose, you can also choose a brush set with an excellent fitting box.

Steps to avoid splitting brushes

Just buying the best brushes for painting miniatures is not enough. Splitting of the paintbrushes is very threatening for the painters. Because the splitting of the brushes can mess of the painter’s whole work in seconds. But when we talk about the miniature paintbrushes, it’s a little bit easier to take care of these brushes as compared to bigger brushes. You can simply follow the below steps to prevent the miniature brushes from splitting.

Avoid getting paint in the ferrule            

Whenever you load the miniature brush with the paint, make sure to keep the color away from the ferrule because ferrule is the metal part of the brush, which holds the bristles tightly and maintains the preciseness of the pointer. But when the paint goes inside the ferrule, the hairs glue together, which is not good to keep the preciseness of the brush. Your brush will look like a stick rather than a paintbrush. This thing will be responsible for the loosing of the brush tip, which leads the brush towards splitting. This can ruin your whole painting in just seconds. Especially when the first time this problem occurs, it’s hard to control it.

Use the extra brush for taking the paint out of the spot

If you are using the same brushes for taking the paint out of the spot and for painting, this is not good for your painting brush. So quickly stop using the same brushes for both purposes. Because whenever you do this, there is a chance that the brush will also get the paint on the ferrule. Maybe the color won’t come to the ferrule, but it will quickly get to the ends of the bristles. We know the paint in the spot doesn’t have any water or oil, so it’s very thick. This thick paint is tough to clean later on. Sometimes painters need to mix two or more colors to get the specific consistency; this should also be done with any other brush. Don’t mix this brush with the painting brushes because this can also be responsible for the lousy pointer and splitting.

Use the separate brush for dry brushing needs

Sometimes painters use the dry brushing technique to save their time during the painting. But if you have ever done the dry brushing, you observed that the dry brushing could affect the brush pointers very severely. This can wreck a perfect conditioned brush in just one dry brushing. Every painter has some splitting brushes around. You can simply use these brushes for this purpose. This is an excellent technique to prevent newer brushes from splitting and saving money.

Don’t let the paint to dry on the brush

This is another way to keep the preciseness of the brushes without the splitting problems. This is an essential point for us in the brushes for a long time. Because the dry paint on the brushes severely affects the brush bristles. In most cases, you will lose your paintbrush. So make sure to clean out the paintbrushes regularly during the painting. For this purpose, you can simply rinse the brush in the cup of water. Make sure to don’t touch the bristles with the bottom of the bowl. This can affect the pointer preciseness, which generally leads to the brush splitting.

Change water regularly

When you are rinsing the paintbrushes regularly in the water, you need to periodically change the water in the cup. Because after some time, the water in the bowl will be murky. Some people think that the dirty water in the cup is not bad for the brush. But you need to stop rinsing the brush in the same water. Because in this water the brush looks like clean, but actually it’s not clean. The murky water has many paint particles that can damage the brush bristles. Metallic paints can be more damaging to the brushes. So whenever you are using any metal paint, make a habit of changing the water more frequently. Otherwise, get ready for the splitting of your paintbrush.

Storing brush while painting

Sometimes painters use more than one brush for the painting. So they need to store the brushes regularly after a small duration of time. It is also observed that many people just store their brushes in the water cup during the painting and think that they have only saved some time of brush cleaning. But people need to know that this is very damaging for the brush bristles. Whenever you put some pressure on the hairs, they will lose their original shape and preciseness. You can simply put the painting brush flat on the brush station. This will not put any pressure on the bristles. You can also store the brush anywhere else where you think the hairs don’t have any pressure.

Use warm water to clean

The cleaning of the brushes with the cold water can also lead your brush to the splitting problems. Moreover, make sure the water is not too hot because the hot water can be responsible for the stickiness of the paint on the brush. Make sure to don’t clean the brush hardly. Although this is good to remove the color, it’s not useful for maintaining the bristle’s preciseness. This can also be responsible for the mess of the brush bristles. When the paint is removed from the brush, now you can also use hot water for thorough cleaning.

Use special brush cleaners

The specialized brush cleaners are like some magic trick to clean out the brushes. You will see these special cleaners can quickly clean out your brushes for longer life. These cleaners are like brush soap, which can protect your brush for a longer time and maintain the preciseness of the brush pointer. An example of these special cleaners is “Master Brush cleaner Preserver.” This is a high-end brush soap that can prevent your paintbrushes from splitting for a longer time. You can also use these special cleaners even for the dry paint as well.

Buy special brushes

Buying special brushes is another way to use paintbrushes without splitting. Because these special brushes have an excellent storing mechanism for the brushes, which can protect the brush’s tips for a longer time, these brushes have special caps; you can simply put these caps on the brushes after use. Some brushes also have individual storing boxes. You can use these boxes to protect the brush tips.

Putting paint supplies in the freezer

Sometimes people have more significant projects of their Miniature paintbrushes. They need to do several coatings of the colors to get good results. So they use the brushes and other painting items for 2 to 3 days. Especially when people try to wait for drying their paint, their brushes are also dry during this time period. Moreover, they clean out their brushes again and again. This can ruin their brushes more quickly. So there is a need to safely store the paint supplies to save the painting supplies and the time as well. You can simply store the paint supplies in the freezer. Let’s see how and which painting supplies we be can store in the fridge.


We can simply store the brushes in the freezer after use to save the cleaning time because the freezer prevents the paint from drying on the brush. Simply remove the excess paint from the brush and put it in any plastic bag. Make sure minimum air reaches inside the plastic bag. The color will freeze in the freezer without drying on the brush. Moreover, this is also good for the long life of your brush because the much cleaning of the brush can also damage the preciseness of your brush.


You can also store the rollers in the freezer like the paintbrushes. Simply put them in the plastic bag like the brushes and make sure to remove the air from the plastic bad. You can take off the handle of the rollers to save the space in the freezer. This procedure can also be done to protect the painting tray. Simply put it inside the plastic bag and keep inside the fridge.


Thawing is also essential for paint supplies. There are two options for thawing. In the first option, you can simply take the painting supplies out before 10 to 15 minutes of the painting for natural thawing. But make sure to don’t forget about these supplies. Because if you don’t use them after 10 to 15 minutes, the paint will start drying on the brushes. This thing can completely ruin your purpose of freezing the paint supplies. In the other method, you can simply put your brushes in hot water for a few minutes to remove the excess water from the brushes.

But make sure to don’t put the paint inside the freezer. You can’t simply put the cane of the color inside the fridge. It is observed that the frozen paint change the consistency and develop the chunky texture. This paint is also not good for the preciseness of your paintbrush. So freezing the color itself doesn’t have any benefit.

What is the necessary equipment to start painting miniature?

For the perfect results of the painting miniature, you don’t just need the paint and the miniature painting brushes. There are many other essential things that play a role in the miniature painting results. These things include the lighting, clothing, knife, Palette, brush cleaning products, Glue, spray sealer, inks, hands-free vise, and jeweler’s files. You need to make sure that you have all these things before starting the painting. Missing anything can be responsible for the unfortunate results of the picture.

How can we estimate the required paint quantity?

Estimating the required paint quantity is necessary to prevent the paint from wasting. We can quickly get the amount of paint needed by calculating the surface area divided by the average storage rate of the color you are using. While you are preparing the solution for the painting, make sure the following steps.

  • Make sure the paint is enough to cover your complete area in just one preparation to avoid the run out of the color in the middle of the job. If the 1 or 2 quarter paint is left over, this will be good for future touchups.
  • When we talk about the coverage rate, it’s mostly around 250-350 sq—Ft. Per gallon. So you can easily estimate it according to the paint you are using.

Is it ok to wet the miniature paintbrush before using it?

The completely wetting of the miniature paintbrushes are not right before the painting. You can simply dip the paintbrush in the water before painting and then removed the excess water from the brush. This will be good for the brush bristles to pick up the colors.

How to choose the perfect brushes for painting miniature?

You can simply choose the best brushes for painting miniatures depending upon your experience of painting. It is not recommended to choose a premium quality brush if you are just going to start the picture the first time. You can simply get the lower price painting brushes to start the painting. But when you get some experience, and you know about the different color schemes, this is the time to go for the premium brushes for painting miniature. This will automatically improve your painting results and give you excellent satisfaction. If you still have some confusion, you can simply follow the below steps to buy perfect brushes for painting miniature according to your need.

  • Decide on a price range.
  • See the different miniature painting brushes sets in this price range.
  • Select a good set in this price range according to your need.
  • Are you satisfy with your purchase?

These are some points that can lead you towards the best brushes for painting miniature.

A Complete Guide to Painting Miniature


From all the above discussion, we can conclude that there are different miniature painting brushes sets are available in various price ranges. These brushes have little difference in their features depending upon their prices. But almost all the brushes are perfect for painting. You just simply need to take proper care of your brushes to prevent them from damaging. You can simply follow the above-mentioned carrying tips for the long life of your miniature painting brushes. So just pick any brush from the above list and go for it. We hope our research on the best brushes for painting miniatures will help you find the desired brush.

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