5 Best Artists Pencil Sharpeners 2021 – Expert Reviews & Buyers Guide

Find out the best artists pencil sharpeners 2021. After research, we selected only the best sharpeners in the market; these will help you in correctly sharpening the artists’ pencils. A pencil sharpener is a tool that helps the artists to sharp the writing point of their pencils. The pencil sharpener tool can perfectly shave the worn surface of the pencils. Today the pencil sharpeners have both operating options, which are the manual and electric motor.


Firstly people use the knife for this purpose, but a sharpener is a unique tool that gives the best results as compared to a knife. Moreover, it’s effortless to get the perfect shape of the artist’s pencils with the sharpener as compared to the knife.

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                                                                 AFMAT Colored Pencil Sharpener



                                                       Bostitch Heavy Duty Electric Pencil Sharpener  


There are different types of manual sharpeners including the prism sharpener, linear blade sharpener, cylindrical sharpener, and many other systems. Today the more advanced electric sharpeners provide all these features in one box type sharpener.

In this article, we are going to list the best artist’s sharpeners to make it easier for you to select the perfect sharpener, which will help you in getting the perfectly shaped artist’s pencils. We have listed the best available artist pencils sharpeners below. You can easily pick a sharpener according to your price range.

List of Best Artists Pencil Sharpeners 


1. AFMAT Colored Pencil Sharpener

AFMAT-Colored-Pencil-SharpenerAFMAT colored pencil sharpener is a perfect tool for anyone who has heavy use on pencil sharpeners. It is an electric pencil sharpener which can provide you the best pencil pointer in just 3 to 4 seconds. The heavy-duty helical blade of this sharpener can sharpen over 6000 times. It is a sturdy sharpener which can quickly sharpen your no. 2 pencils and colored pencils. It’s a UL listed electric pencil sharpener that can be used for many purposes. The risk-free design of this sharpener makes it perfect for any kind of rough use as well. Let’s see some other unique features of this special sharpener.

Versatile design

It has a fast and durable design that can be used for many purposes at a time. It doesn’t have any issue even after sharpening the 200 pencils at a time. Moreover, it can be a perfect gift for kids, teachers, students, engineers, children, and artists.

Colored pencil sharpeners 

It is mainly a colored pencil sharpener and not recommended for the carbon, and sketch pencils. The carbon pencils can be responsible for the blade jams. Moreover, you need to take out the pencil when you feel any change in sound or resistance. It’s a perfect sharpener for graphite and colored pencils.

Industrial pencil sharpener

It is a heavy-duty and fast pencil sharpener, which makes it perfect for an industrial and commercial pencil sharpener. It stops working when not closed tightly, or the shaving box is removed.

Easy to use

The risk-free design of this sharpener makes it perfect for anyone. It’s easy to use it with a wall plug.

Dimensions and weight

It has dimensions of 9.7 x 4.6 x 4.1 inches and 2.05 pounds in weight.

                                               Here are some Pros & Cons of this Product

  • Heavy duty
  • Helical blade
  • Can sharpen over 6000 times
  • Sharpen in 3-4 seconds
  • Can sharpen over 200 pencils at a time
  • Risk-free design
  • Not suitable for soft lead pencils


2. X-ACTO School Pro Classroom Electric Artists Pencil Sharpener

X-ACTO-School-Pro-Classroom-Electric-Pencil-SharpenerThe X-ACTO pencil sharpener is also stood among the best artists pencil sharpeners. It is another electric pencil sharpener that is specially designed for classrooms. The helical cutter of this sharpener makes it perfect to efficiently sharpen the pencils without over-sharpening. The powerful motor of this sharpener is adjustable for six different sizes. It has a reliable steel cutter that can produce the rounded pencil points. Let’s see some other features of this particular design.

Automatically stopping feature

The automatic system of the sharpener stops sharpening when the pencil is sharped. The automated system prevents the sharpener from drawing any further power when it is done with sharpening. Moreover, the durable blade of the sharpener offers a 33 times longer life than the standard sharpener.

Quiet operation

The sturdy outer case of this special sharpener makes it perfect for the smooth performance. So you can sharpen the pencils without the disturbance. Moreover, the non-skid feet of sharpening also play a role in its quiet operation.

Easy to use

It’s easy to use design which can handle all the pencils, including from beginner pencils to colored pencils. Moreover, shaving is also stored in an extra-large integrated receptacle for easy cleaning.

Dimensions and weight

It has the dimensions of 8.5 x 8 x 5.68 inches and 1 pound in weight.

                                               Here are some Pros & Cons of this Product

  • Heavy duty
  • Quiet electric motor
  • Helical steel cutter
  • Six pencil sizes
  • Automated system
  • Non-skid feet for quiet operation
  • Extra-large receptacle
  • Long life
  • Only for high quality colored pencils


3. AFMAT Colored Pencil Sharpener, Electric Pencil Sharpener

AFMAT-Colored-Pencil-Sharpener-Electric-Pencil-SharpenerA colored pencil sharpener from AFMAT is again in the list with perfect features like the above sharpener by the AFMAT. It has a premium and durable helical blades like the above sharpener. It can sharpen 4000 times without any kind of issue. The electric motor of this sharpener is battery operated, which makes it convenient to use it anywhere. It requires 4 AA batteries to operate. Moreover, the compact and lightweight design of this sharpener makes it perfect for outdoor use. The 12-month warranty of this sharpener provides you great peace of mind. Let’s see some other features of this sharpener.

Three pen-point modes                            

It has three sharpness points, which include the blunt, medium, and sharp. You just need to adjust the side slide to change the mode.

Versatile design

It has a versatile design that is excellent for kids, teachers, students, and professional artists. You can easily use it for your colored pencils, graphite pencils, No.2 pencils, and art-grade wooden pencils.


The automatic system of it makes it a perfect power-efficient sharpener. It starts working when you insert the pencil, and the sound changes when the pencil is sharpened.

Safe to use

It’s easy to use design and prevents the kids from inserting the fingers in hole. Moreover, it stops working when the shaving box is open.

Dimension and weight

It has a dimension of 6.2 x 4.6 x 2.6 inches and 12.6 pounds in weight.

                                               Here are some Pros & Cons of this Product

  • 3 sharpening settings
  • Sharpen in 5 seconds
  • Portable
  • Battery-powered
  • Helical blade
  • Very secure
  • Automated system
  • Can sharpen over 4000 times
  • 12 months warranty
  • Only for 6-8mm colored pencils


4. Bostitch Heavy Duty Electric Pencil Sharpener

Bostitch-QuietSharp-6-Heavy-Duty-Electric-Pencil-SharpenerBostitch’s heavy-duty electric pencil comes in the list of best artists pencil sharpeners due to its faster results. It can sharpen a pencil in just 4 seconds. The helical cutter of this particular sharpener is ideal for the long life of the sharpener. The heavy-duty motor of this design comes with thermal overload protection, which protects the motor from overheating. It can sharpen the maximum volume of the pencils without any break. Let’s see some other features of this design.

Quiet motor                   

The quiet motor of this sharpener provides you a noise-free sharpening. It is also known as QuietPro 6 for its quiet motor operations.


Its motor can automatically shut down when the large shaving bin is removed. Moreover, the tip saver technology of this sharpener prevents the sharpener from over sharpening and extends the pencil’s life.

6-size selector

It has 6-size selectors to sharpen a variety of pencils. These types include the jumbo and the Ticonderoga tri-write.

Dimension and weight

It has the dimensions of 10.63 x 6.13 x 9 inches and 1 pound in weight.

                                               Here are some Pros & Cons of this Product

  • 6-size selector
  • Quietpro 6 for quite motor operations
  • Tip saver technology
  • Automatic shut off
  • Can sharpen only 25-30 pencil at a time


5. AFMAT Artists Pencil Sharpener, Long Point Pencil Sharpener

AFMAT-Artist-Pencil-Sharpener-Long-Point-Pencil-SharpenerThis artist pencil sharpener from AFMAT is on the list due to its superior performance in the low price range. This design by the AFMAT is perfect if you have a little bit lower price range. You need to compromise for some features, but still, it’s ideal for all the basics needs of the artists. Though it is a manual sharpener by the AFMAT, due to its performance, you can consider it among the best artists pencil sharpeners in the market. But all the other features of this manual design make it perfect for the list in this price range. Let’s see some other features of this particular manual pencil sharpener.

Manual sharpener                                         

If you are still using an old-style manual sharpener, this can be the perfect replacement for your old-style manual sharpener. This special helical blade manual sharpener can sharpen up to 3000 times. Moreover, it has a faster, labor-saving, and adjustable pencil nib design as compared to older styles.


You can easily use this sharpener for 6-8.2mm sketching and drawing pencils. It’s a perfect design for thicker core and longer points. This can be an excellent inexpensive choice for any artist.

Adjustable pencil nib

You can easily adjust the sharpness of the nib by rotating the knob on the handle. For the needle-sharp point, you can use the black sandpaper embedded in the shaving box.

Dimensions and weight

It has the dimensions of 5.3 x 5.1 x 2.6 inches and 9.2 ounces in weight.

                                               Here are some Pros & Cons of this Product

  • Helical blade
  • Versatile
  • Adjustable pencil nib
  • Can sharpen over 3000 times
  • Low price
  • Manually operated


Various types of the Artists pencil sharpeners

There are different types of artists’ pencil sharpeners available, which are best according to their specific tasks. Moreover, many sharpeners have some advanced features depending upon their prices. You need to know about different types of sharpeners to get the perfect results for your artist’s pencils. Let’s see the different types of sharpeners.

Electric pencil sharpener                            

The electric sharpener is the fastest and most convenient type of pencil sharpener. It’s a perfect sharpener to use at home and office. Some electric sharpeners are not good for colored pencils due to their fast and fixed speed. Many colored pencils have a soft and fragile lead that keeps on breaking due to high speed.

But all the electric pencil sharpeners are not the same. Many electric sharpeners come with the special speed controller knob. You can simply control the motor speed to get the ideal results. We have listed the best available electric sharpeners in the above list for all kinds of pencils. So whenever you buy an electric pencil sharpener, try to test it for colored pencil first to get the idea about its results.

Hand-crank pencil sharpener

Hand-crank sharpeners are mostly used in elementary school days. These sharpeners require more spins as compared to electric pencil sharpeners. The internal structure of these sharpeners is tough and requires more force to operate it. So it’s always recommended to not use these types of pencil sharpeners for colored pencils. The soft lead of the colored pencils doesn’t bear the internal friction of these sharpeners.

If you will use these sharpeners for your colored pencils, the lead may break continuously.  In worse cases, you will see the colored pencil is completely destroyed.

Hand-held pencil sharpener

Hand-held pencil sharpeners are the most suitable artists pencil sharpeners for colored pencils. These sharpeners have very little internal friction as compared to hand-crank pencil sharpeners. The hand-held sharpener provides full control to the user over the sharpener’s speed and friction. Although it takes a little bit more time still, it’s a perfect sharpener for any kind of pencil point.

Sometimes a little issue of the cutting edge may arise in the hand-held sharpeners, as their cutting-edge may become duller quickly, and the sharpener may start breaking the pencil’s lead. Moreover, a lot of work is required to re-sharpen the hand-held pencil sharpener’s blade.

Tips and tricks sharpening the artist’s pencils

Usually, people think that they can put any pencil in the sharpener to sharpen it. But it is not true for every pencil. Especially, when we talk about the artist’s color pencils. It’s necessary to take some extra care of sharpening these pencils. Many artists’ pencils are made up of different materials. For example, lead in colored pencils, and traditional writing pencils are made up of wax, oil, and clay. All these things play an important role in the sharpening of pencils. Let’s see the different pencils types and the perfect ways to sharpen them.

Soft colored pencils

The soft color pencils are usually made up of wax or clay and these are perfect for creamy applications. When we talk about the softer colored pencils, it’s necessary to take extra care while sharpening these pencils. The more harsh and aggressive sharpening can lead you to continues to lead breaking. That’s why many experts recommend the manual sharpener for softer colored pencils. But some electric sharpeners are also available with multiple pointer options; you can simply use these sharpeners to get the best results. Some of these sharpeners are discussed in the above list.

Hard colored pencils

Hard colored pencils are simply more appropriate for the electric sharpeners. These color pencils mostly resemble the traditional pencil lead. You can use the more aggressive sharpeners for hard colored pencils. It’s easy to sharp these colored pencils as compared to soft colored pencils. The hand sharpener is recommended for these types of colored pencils. But sometimes it is observed that the slower motion is also responsible for the continuous lead breaking. So it can be more appropriate if you use a good electric sharpener for this purpose. You can simply choose the best electric sharpener from the above list.

Specialty colored sharpeners 

The specialty colored pencils are made up of completely different material as compared to soft and hard colored pencils. The graphite or chalk material is used in these special colored pencils. Moreover, these pencils may have small or large lead such as Prismacolor Verithin, and Prismacolor Art Stix. A hand sharpener is recommended for these pencils as well, but you can also use a good electric sharpener to get the perfect results.

Moreover, the type of the desired point also plays an important role in the sharpening of the artist’s pencils. Let’s see the different types of desired points and their sharpening technique.

Sharp point

The sharp point is beneficial for many purposes for the artists. It is useful for indicating the animal hair, eyelashes, cracks on a rock, and for many other purposes. But to get the perfect sharp point, you need a perfect pencil and sharpener as well. The hard lead material with smaller core pencils is recommended for this purpose. But it’s always a challenge of getting the sharp point with hard material due to continuous breakage of tips. The hand sharpeners are recommended for this purpose, but you can also use the colored pencil sharpeners for this purpose. The colored pencil sharpeners are less harsh and prevent the pencil from tip breaking.

Dull point

Dull point is good for blending purposes. You can automatically get the dull point of the sharp point when you use it for some time. But there are many other ways to get a dull point. When we talk about wax-based pencils, it’s easy to get the dull point of these pencils. You can simply use any type of sharpener to get a dull point. You just need to take an eye on the sharpener as it’s cutting down the pencil consistently.

Flat point

A flat point is perfect to create the scenes which need consistency like skin lines and skin tones, etc. Sometimes it’s not easy to get the flat point by using the sharpener, but you can easily get the flat point from the dull point. You can simply press the dull point against the paper; after some time, you will get the flat point.


Why the pencil sharpeners break the lead?

Sometimes many people are complaining about the breakage of the pencil’s lead. There can be many reasons for the pencil lead breaking, which include the use of inappropriate sharpeners for some type of pencil. For example, for the soft lead pencil, don’t use the sharpener, which has much resistance. If people use the best artists’ pencil sharpeners, which are appropriate for their pencils then they will not face this problem.

The main reason is that people try to turn the pencil in the sharpener. It is not the right way to sharpen pencils. Try to rotate the sharpener around the pencil slowly; this will minimize the resistance. Moreover, make sure the blades are perfectly sharp.

Why my pencil sharpeners only sharpen one side?

Sometimes people complain about the pencil shapes after sharpening. People need to make sure that the shape of the pencil is mostly dependent upon their hands during sharpening. There can be two possible reasons if your pencil sharpeners only sharpen on one side.

  • Maybe the sharpener is off-centered during sharpening.
  • Maybe you start sharpening at an incorrect angle.

Can we sharpen the pencil sharpener blades?

Today many electric and advanced pencil sharpeners don’t require sharpening the pencil blades in few months. But when we talk about the normal sharpeners, their blades become dull in 3 to 6 months. So we need to sharpen their blades to maintain their perfect result. You just need a screwdriver to separate the blade from the sharpener, and then you can simply sharpen it to maintain the perfect result of the sharpener.

How can we buy a perfect Artists pencil sharpener?

There are different types of sharpeners available in the market, as discussed above. But you need to pick the best one according to your work and requirement. You need to prevent those sharpeners which lead you towards continuous lead breaking. Especially when we talk about the much softer pencils, you need to take some special care. We have listed the best available pencil sharpeners to make it an easier purchase for you. You can simply pick anyone from the above list according to your need. Still, there are some general points which can lead you to the best artists’ pencil sharpener purchase, according to your need. Let’s see these points.

  • First of all, focus on your need. What type of pencil do you want to sharpen?
  • Try to see the different available sharpeners in your price range.
  • Look at the features of the sharpener.
  • If you are buying an electric sharpener, then it is best if the sharpener has multiple speed options.
  • Pick the best one in your price range.
  • Are you satisfied with your purchase decision?

These are some general points which can lead you to the best artists’ pencil sharpener according to your need.


From all the above discussion, we can conclude that you need to buy a good sharpener according to your need to prevent continuous lead breakage. Many sharpeners have much resistance, which is responsible for the lead breakage. But there are many advanced electric sharpeners available which provide the speed control mechanism. You can simply go for these sharpeners for their universal operations. We have listed the best artists pencil sharpeners in each range; you can simply choose a sharpener according to your need to and go for it.

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