The 5 Best acrylic Paint Brushes 2021 Expert Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking for Best acrylic Paint Brushes? There are different kinds of brush sets available, which can be used for painting purposes. These brushes have various features depending upon their prices. When we talk about the acrylic paint brushes, you need some special type of brushes to be used with acrylic paint.

Talking about acrylic paint, this paint can dry quickly as compared to watercolor, oil paint, and other paints. So you need to take special care while using acrylic paint. Let’s have a look at quick choices for you.

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The ordinary brushes can minimize the benefits of the acrylic paint. You need to use special brushes with soft edges, and non-split features. These type brushes provide you the best results with the fast drying nature of the acrylic paint.

Best acrylic paint brushes
Best acrylic paint brushes

In this article, we are going to help those people who want the best brushes for their acrylic painting. We have just talked with some professionals and listed the best available acrylic paintbrushes for you. Let’s see the list of best available acrylic brushes in each price range.

List of Best acrylic paint Brushes


1. Artist Paint Brush Set for Acrylic Painting

Artist-Paint-Brush-Set-reviewThe artist paintbrush by the ONSON comes top on the list with its unique features for acrylic painting. This is a perfect gift for artists with 15 different size brushes for acrylic painting, watercolor painting, and oil painting. It can easily be used by adults and kids as well. This set also includes the free painting knife and watercolor sponge. These brushes have good elasticity for the perfect acrylic painting. Make sure to clean brushes quickly after every use to maintain the shape of the brush hairs. These durable sets of acrylic paintings provide you the best long lasting brushes for acrylic painting. Let’s see some other features of this unique set.


You can easily use this brush with 360 rotation without any splitting issues. This high-quality brush set doesn’t contain any loose hair brushes. These brushes are specially made with hands to provide you the best quality non-split brushes. So you don’t need to worry about the bristle issues.

Different sizes

As discuss above as well, these brushes have 15 different size brushes. These sizes include the liner, flat, angular, filbert, round, fan, and comb brushes. You can use these brushes with good speed and temperament with its comfortable handles.


This is more like a universal type of paintbrush. You can easily use this set for acrylic painting, watercolors, and gouaches.

Carrying case  

The proper carrying of the acrylic brushes is essential to maintain the preciseness of these brushes. You don’t need to worry about this, because this set has a unique pop-up carrying case. You can simply stand the brushes up on this carrying case for easy use.

Dimension and weight

This package of the acrylic brush set comes with 10.8 x 5.3 x 1.4 inches dimensions and 12 ounces weight.

                                               Here are some Pros & Cons of this Product

  • Non-split
  • 15 pieces
  • Carrying case
  • Free knife and sponge
  • Universal
  • Maybe a high price

2. Benicci Brush Set for Acrylic Paint

Benicci-Paint-Brush-Set-reviewBenicci paint brush set is another good brush set for the acrylic paint. This set comes with a total of 16 pieces. The nylon hair brushes of this particular set make it perfect for the acrylic painting. The extra strong ferrules of these brushes make them perfect non-slip brushes. Sometimes it’s a little hard for the artists to buy this set due to a little high priced, but still, it’s a perfect set to gift anyone. It has also included a tin box for carrying purposes. Moreover, the 90-day money-back guaranteed of this special brush set gives you a good relax of mind. Let’s see some other features of this paintbrush set.

Different Sizes

This paintbrush set has 15 different paintbrushes, which include the liner, round, angular, filbert, fan, glaze, comb, and flat shapes. The different sizes include the ½, ¾, #2, #4, and #8 sizes.

Non-slip handles

The non-slip matte silver handles make it very easy to use these brushes. The comfortable handles of these brushes make them very easy to use for any temperament.


This universal type of brushes set can be used for acrylics, watercolor, gouache, ink, oil, and face paint.

Dimensions and weight 

This product has dimensions of 10.55 x 6.02 x 1.34 inches and 15.8 ounces in weight.

                                               Here are some Pros & Cons of this Product

  • 16 pieces
  • Non-slip handles
  • Universal
  • Free knife and sponge
  • Not best to hold water

3. DUGATO Artist Brush Set For Acrylic Paint

DUGATO-Artist-Paint-Brush-Set-reviewDugato artist paint brush set is a good budget-friendly acrylic paint brush set. This is a good set in this price range. This set consists of 15 pieces for various painting needs. This set also includes the palette knife and two sponges. This universal set can meet all the painting needs. The pop-up stand and the carrying case of this set make it very easy to maintain the preciseness of this set. These high-quality brushes in this price range provide a great satisfaction of mind. Let’s see some other features of this budget-friendly brush set.

Different sizes

This brush set comes in various shapes, including the flat, round, angle, filber, liner, fan, and glaze. The different sizes include the #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #8, #9, #10, #11, #12, #13, #14, and #15.

 Anti-shedding synthetic nylon 

The premium quality nylon hairs make these brushes perfect for acrylic painting. Moreover, it’s easy to clean out these anti-shedding nylon brushes.

Carrying case

The carrying case of this brush set with a pop-up stand makes it easy to maintain the preciseness of this brush set.


This is a perfect budget-friendly, versatile brush set. You can simply use it for watercolor, gouache, ink, oil, tempera, acrylic painting, nail, and face painting, action figures, scale models, dollhouse, rock painting, and adult coloring books.

Dimensions and weight

This product has a dimension of 11 x 5.3 x 1.5 inches and 14.4 pounds in weight.

                                               Here are some Pros & Cons of this Product

  • 16 pieces
  • Non-slip handles
  • Universal
  • Free knife and sponge
  • Not best to hold water

4. Mont Marte Art Paint Brushes Set

Mont-Marte-Art-Paint-Brushes-Set-reviewMont Marte art paint brushes set a perfect high quality set to use for watercolor, acrylic, and soil. These 15 pieces set are perfect in this price range. This can be a nice gift for artists, kids, and adults. These black and silver color brushes are perfect for giving a good look at your paintings. All the brushes in the set are handmade with proper care to provide you the best precise set of brushes. The finest quality material is used to ensure the non-splitting bristles of the brushes set. The aluminum ferrule plays an important role in holding the bristles tightly. Make sure to clean out the brushes properly after every use to ensure the preciseness of the brush pointers. Let’s see some other features of this paint brushes set.

Different sizes

The 15 different sizes included in this set are perfect for painting the hard reaching areas in the painting. Especially when we talk about the narrower spaces, these brushes have the variety to easily reach these areas as well.


You can easily take these brushes anywhere with a good zipped bag. This is a good bag to take care of the brushes. This can be a wonderful Christmas gift for family and friends.

Dimensions and weight

The dimension of this product is 15 x 6 x 1 inch and 1 pound in weight.

                                              Here are some Pros & Cons of this Product

  • Versatile
  • Portable
  • 15 pieces
  • Zipped bag


  • little heavier brushes

5. Crafts 4 All Paint Brushes Set

Crafts-4-All-Paint-Brushes-Set-review.This brush set comes in the list with all the basic features within the low price range. This 10 pieces set is enough for all your basic needs about the acrylic painting. You can also use these brushes for the watercolor oil paintings. This versatile brushes set is idea for watercolor oil, acrylic painting, face painting, model, ceramic, and craft art paintings. This can be a great gift for the children’s and friends in low price range. The short wooden handles of the brushes are perfect to hold the brushes easily. Let’s see some other features of this brush set.

Different sizes                                                

The different sizes include in this set are perfect for various purposes. These sizes include the 5/8, 8, 6, 4, 5, 3, 2, 2, 1, and 2/0 sizes.

Easy to clean 

Cleaning is essential to maintain the preciseness of any brush set. When we talk about the cleaning of this particular set, it’s very easy to clean the nylon hairs of this brush set.

Dimension and weight

It has the dimensions of 10.47 x 2.83 x 0.75 inches and 1.06 ounces in weight.

  Here are some Pros & Cons of this Product

  • Versatile
  • Easy to clean
  • 10 pieces


  • Not include carrying case

A Guide to Acrylic painting Brushes

Whenever you browse for the different brushes in the online stores, you will see a variety of brushes are available. These brushes can be used for various purposes. These brushes come in different sizes and features depending upon their prices. So you have hundreds of possibilities for buying a brush set for acrylic painting.

This guide is a good starter to buy perfect acrylic paint brushes for starting the acrylic painting. This will help you to develop good skills in the painting. Sometimes people just pick the brushes which are in the paintbox. They don’t know about these brushes. These brushes may not perfect for your job. So you need to make sure about the brushes before usage.

But you don’t need to worry about this, we are going to help you to choose a perfect brush according to your job. The two main factors which play an important role in the selection of the brush are brush type and brush bristles. Let’s see the different types of brushes to know which one is perfect for you.

Acrylic Brushes types

There are different types of brushes with different shapes which can be used for various purpose. Let’s see the different types to go for the best one according to your job.

Round Brushes

When we talk about the round brushes, these are the universal type of brushes that can be used for a variety of purposes. These brushes include a whole variety of different marks. These are usually around types of brushes which are helpful for the narrower spaces. The rounded brushes come in different sizes depending upon the manufacturers. The number 8 round brush is recommended for starting purposes.

Filbert brushes

Filbert brushes are the flat brushes with a tapered, rounded end. These brushes are also capable of a variety of marks. You can easily use these brushes for various purposes. Especially these brushes are useful for blending purposes. The size number on the brushes varies depending upon the manufacturers. The number 4 and 8 filbert brushes are recommended for starting purposes.

Flat brushes

Flat brushes are simply flat from the ends and it’s easy to judge their sizes. You can easily measure their size across the end of the flattering part of the ferrule. The main sizes included in the flat brushes are 1 inch, ¾ inch, ½ inch, and ¼ inch. The 1 inch and 0.5 inch flat brushes are recommended for starting purposes.

Rigger brushes

The rigger brushes are very thin as compared to round brushes as well. These are the very thin, round, and quite long-haired brushes. These brushes are ideal for drawing the thin lines, for example, the ship’s rigging. The number one rigger brush is recommended for starting purposes.

Acrylic wash brush       

Acrylic wash brushes are usually very big. Whenever you buy an acrylic brush set, the bigger one is the acrylic wash brush. You can easily cover the large part of your paintings with a wash brush. Some people also little dip their wash brush in the water first to cover the maximum area. Moreover, the acrylic wash brush is a little thicker as compared to other brushes.

Angled brushes

Angled brushes can be more go-to brushes for anyone as compared to other brushes. This brush is usually used more than as compared to other brushes. This brush name comes from its angles tip. Sometimes this brush is also known as a slanted brush. The angled tip of this brush is perfect for the curves. You can also use this brush to move from thick to thin. Especially these brushes are helpful for painting on canvas.

Fan brush

Fan brush can be a perfect brush to paint trees, grasses, and shrubbery. Moreover, it’s also perfect for painting the abstract watery types of designs. The name of these brushes comes from their fan-like tip. This can be a good brush to blend the background and skies. Sometimes people only know these brushes for painting natural elements, and landscape in acrylics. But these are also perfect to add the fun texture in your media art journals, and abstract painting.

Liner brush

A very thin brush with long bristles in your acrylic painting set is the liner brush. It’s somehow similar to the round brushes in shape. But it’s very thin and much smaller as compared to liner brushes. These type brushes are normally used for fine details in the acrylic painting. You can use these type brushes for a dip in the acrylic paint and ink as well. You can easily make very thin lines with the liner brush. The liner brush provides you the maximum control while creating the thin lines. This can be a great brush to add the text and words in the painting. The liner brush can be used as dry, but the wet liner brush can provide you the best results.  So you can simply dip the liner brush in the water before painting to get the perfect results.

Palette knife

Palette knife is also a good investment to start the acrylic painting. An assorted set of palette knives is good for a variety of purposes. These knives help you to mix a large variety of paints. Sometimes these knives are also helpful for spreading the thick, juicy, paint around the paper.

Bristle or synthetic

The next thing is the selection of the hairs for the perfect acrylic painting. There are usually two types of hairs which include the Hogshair, or Nylon. You need to go for synthetic (Nylon). These are perfect like the bristle brushes for various tasks. You can simply use this set for acrylic and oil painting. Make sure to avoid bending the bristles to maintain the preciseness of the bristles. You can also leave the brush in the water for a while. This can be good to maintain the brush hair. But makes sure to don’t leave the brush for a long time, this can ruin your brush as well.

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Professional painting tips and techniques

As we have discussed some painting guide for the beginners, let’s see some professional tips and techniques for the perfect painting.


When we talk about natural paint-brushes, they are made up of animal hair and very soft. These brushes are perfect for oil painting. So many professionals use these brushes for oil painting. If you are going to use the oil bases paint, a natural white bristle paint-brush is perfect. If you are going to paint the textured surface, the black bristle paint-brush is perfect. Sometimes people use the ultra-fine finish; an ax blended brush is perfect for this purpose. When you are going to coat water-based, the synthetic filament paint-brush is perfect.

The pure synthetic filament range includes the 100% black nylon, 100% dyed nylon, polyester blend, nylon blend, nylon/polyester blend, and Chinex/nylon blend, and chinex/polyester blend. When you are going to paint in the 100% controlled environment, the nylon paint-brush is perfect.

Paint roller 

The next important thing is the paint roller. Many people just think that all the rollers are the same, and they don’t need to concentrate much. You can simply follow the below tips to go for a good paint roller.

  • The paint rollers that are made up of woven material are usually shed-free. One example of this type of roller is the Purdy White Dove roller cover. These types of brushes made up of continuous yarn.
  • If you are working on the rough and or semi-rough surfaces, the knitted materials brushes are perfect. One example of these brushes is a Purdy golden eagle paint roller. This high-density roller can hold a lot of paint without dripping.
  • The pile roller covers are perfect for the stippled effect at the homes. Especially when you needed a smooth finish in your kitchen. Some examples of these type rollers are white dove, and parrot paint roller covers.
Cutting in with Purdy brush 

Cutting in art is used to separate the two colors in the painting by just using the brushes. There is no use of masking tape or other aid for this purpose. You can simply follow the bellow tips for the perfect results.

  • Make sure to use the loaded brush.
  • Use the brush parallel to the area which you want to cut. Now bring the brush close to the line which you want to cut. Try to hold your breath to prevent any little handshake.
Cleaning of painting walls 

Cleaning of the painting walls is important to ensure the beauty. But you can’t just start cleaning the walls after 1 or 2 weeks of painting. You need to give a proper time to paint to adjust to the wall. Normally it is necessary to wait for two weeks for the cleaning of the walls. But you can simply wait for 30 days because sometimes due to a colder environment, it takes time to dry completely. You can also follow the directions listed on the paint.

Touch up the paint 

For the best touch up results, you can simply follow the below instructions.

  • Make sure to use paint from the original batch.
  • You need to repair the defects first to get the perfect results.
  • Apply a thin coat for painting, which has almost 25 percent of the original paint.
  • In the end, make sure to feather the touch-up from the patch.

Sometimes the patched area is still noticeable. In this case, it’s necessary to paint the complete wall again.

Painting substrate for acrylic

There are different substrate which is perfect for the acrylic painting. You can easily use the acrylic paint on these surfaces to get the ideal results. Let’s discuss some excellent acrylic painting substrates.


This is one of the mainly used surfaces for acrylic painting. This surface offers many advantages as compared to other surfaces. It is a lightweight and portable surface that comes with beautiful fabric texture. When we talk about the canvass support, it’s come in three types: the stretched, un-stretched, and commercially made canvas boards. You can simply start from the center and work outward. When we talk about the stretched canvas, these can be purchased in a standard size.

Paper and cardboard 

Paper and cardboard are the perfect choices for experimental purposes. You can easily find the paper and cardboard commercially. Paper and cardboard are absorbent surfaces and make the over-watered acrylic techniques possible. You need to select the acid-free papers and cardboard which don’t have impurities.

Wood and composite panels 

Wood and composite panels can be excellent support for the paintings. You can use the wood and composite panels for thick applications and other techniques that require rigid and sturdy support. One example of the composite panel is the surface of the particleboard.

Patterned fabrics 

You can simply choose a perfect fabric surface for starting the painting. Just buy your favorite piece of fabric and start painting. You can use the different colors to painting on your favorite fabric, which already has patterns.


Silk is another substrate for the acrylic painting. Sometimes it is thought that dyes work well on the silk. But there are some disadvantages of the dyes as well as it’s not lightfast and stable like the acrylic.


There can be two purposes for painting the metal surfaces, the first one is adhesion, and the second one is rust control. This will provide the best results for the metals like steel, and offer you a durable and long-lasting rust-proof support. You can simply choose any metal from the different types of metal.


The one purpose of painting the glass is to get clarity and adhesion. There are two methods used to add the tooth on the glass surface, the first one is Etching, and the second one is sandblasting. You can simply purchase the glass from any glass store and cut it to the required size.


Painting on 3-D sculptures enables you to think differently as compared to 2-D structured. There can be different 3-D objects which include a shop cut to shape according to your template, or just a new shell, branch, or rock. You can also purchase the sharp objects and lightly sand them and primed with acrylic gesso.

Acrylic mediums, pastels, gels, and additives 

Acrylic medium, pastels, gels, and additives are the products which are added in the paint for many different purposes. These products can be used with the acrylics of any viscosity to create a variety of effects. Let’s see these products thoroughly to know about their purpose in the acrylic paint.


When we talk about the mediums, these are usually added in the paint for thinning, and glazing purposes. Moreover, these can also be used as an adhesive for mixed media work. Different mediums include the matte medium, gloss medium, blending medium, and flow improver. Matte medium is flat with the glossy shine. Gloss medium dries without bright shine. The blending medium is used for thinning the paint. The flow improver medium makes the paint to flow evenly and quickly.

Pastes and gels 

Pastes and gels are added in the water to increase the thickness and add the texture. Moreover, the pastes and gels also intensify the drying time of the acrylic paint. These mediums can be of different types like gel medium, heavy gel, and modeling paste. Gel medium increases the thickness and add transparency. The dense gel adds texture and allows the paint to hold its peak. The modeling paste creates highly textured effects.


This medium is also added in the acrylic paint to slow down the drying time of the acrylic paint. The wet into wet techniques is very useful. But make sure to prevent too much wetting. This will not dry properly.


Varnishes are applied at the end of the acrylic paint to provide a protective, and dust-resistant film to the acrylic painting. Moreover, it also reduces the damage from ultraviolet light. The non-acrylic material varnishing allows you to remove the layer later.


There are many other additives that are used to add in the acrylic paint to get the perfect results. These additives include the iridescent color, metallic color, interference color, glass bead gel, pumice gel, string gel, natural sand, and pouring medium.

Acrylic painting safety and clean up tips 

Usually, the acrylic paint is very safe to use as compared to many other toxic colors. But sometimes other pigments are used in the acrylic paint, which can be a little toxic. So you need to take some necessary precautions to minimize any toxic effect of these pigments. You can simply follow the below tips to get the perfect results.

  • Make sure to keep the paint away from the eyes, mouth, and lungs. Moreover, you need to prevent from eating and smoking while painting. These things can be responsible for accidental ingestion.
  • The second thing is about the proper cleaning of the hands after painting. So make sure the correct and thorough cleaning of the hands after painting.
  • Sometimes there is a risk of splashing depending upon the different places. You can simply use the eyeglasses on these places to prevent any accidental splash.
  • Like all the art equipment, you need to keep away the paints from the children’s. Moreover, young students also need to be appropriately supervised. You can also check the AP seal on the colors for children.
  • Make sure to clean out the brushes with soap and little warm water after every session. Make sure the acrylic paint is not dry on your brushes. A few dried paint will take extra time to clean. Moreover, remove the color from the palette as well.
  • Sometimes the acrylic paint also splashes in the unwanted around spaces and hard to remove. Make sure to clean out the around areas as early as possible. Because the dried acrylic paint is not easy to remove from the floors. But an early cleaning of these places can make a big difference.

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What are the characteristics of the acrylic paint?

We have just discussed some of the characteristics of the acrylic paint in the above like its drying features. Let’s see the other characteristics of the acrylic paint.

  • The acrylic paint is water soluble when wet.
  • The dry acrylic paint is permanent and insoluble.
  • This paint air dry by evaporation. The drying time can vary depending upon the paint layer.
  • You can wash the surface of the acrylic paint by soap and water.
  • Make sure to keep the brushes wet, and properly clean them after use.
  • Make sure to don’t mix the acrylic paint with turpentine and oils.

What are the benefits of varnishing on the acrylic painting?

It is essential to varnish the acrylic paint to get the maximum benefits of the acrylic painting. Let’s see these benefits.

  • The varnishing of the acrylic paint is necessary to protect it from dust, UV rays, and yellowing.
  • It also adds a perfect layer of shine on the acrylic paint.
  • It’s also helpful to pull together the whole painting which gives the perfect look to the painting.

What are the main components of the acrylic paint?

There are three main components of the acrylic paint.

  • The first one is acrylic resin. The acrylic emulsion is made from the acrylic resin. It is the main component of the acrylic emulsion.
  • The second one is the Binder. Binder is necessary for the durability of the acrylic paint. Moreover, it’s also paly a role in acrylic paint handling.
  • The last thing is the pigment. This is a dry powdery material which doesn’t dissolve. The pigments are organic, inorganic, natural, and synthetic. The binder helps the pigments to adhere to the painting surface.

Which factors play the role in the water-proofing of the acrylic paint?

The water-proofing of the acrylic paint depends upon the following factors.

  • Varnishing of the acrylic paint.
  • The surface which you are going to paint.
  • It also depends upon the primer coat under the acrylic paint.
  • How much water you use to dilute the paint?
  • The surface preparation before the painting.

How we can buy the perfect acrylic paint brushes?

Buying the perfect acrylic paint brushes is not less than a challenge due to a variety of paint brushes in the market. These brushes come in a variety of size ranges depending upon their prices. Moreover, their other features also vary depending upon their prices. But when we talk about the basic features, these are almost the same. All the acrylic brushes can perform the basics tsks of the acrylic brushes. We have just listed the best available acrylic paint brushes in each range. You can simply pick anyone from the above list according to your price range. But there are some general points which can lead you toward the best acrylic paint brush according to your need.

  • First of all, make sure to decide a price range.
  • See the different brushes in your price range.
  • Make sure to concentrate on all your basic needs and pick the acrylic brush set which perfectly matches with your needs.
  • Are you satisfy with your purchase?

These are some general points which can lead you towards the best available acrylic paint brush according to your need.


From all the above discussion we can conclude that there are different acrylic brushes sets are available in different price ranges. These brushes can be used for various purposes depending upon your need. In the above list, we have just picked the best acrylic paint brushes in this price range. You can simply choose anyone’s acrylic paint brush from the above list.


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