Different Ways to Get Maximum Benefits of Watercolor Markers?

There are a lot of benefits of watercolor markers. Watercolor markers are the best tools for artists who enjoy drawing, coloring, painting, and sketching. They are the best creative tool’s addition to any artist’s toolkit. Watercolor markers offer precise results and full control to artists due to their perfect shape and design. You can easily use the watercolor markers to create traditional watercolor paintings. These are less messy as compared to tube watercolors. These are the perfect tools to spark your inner artists. So, you can enjoy coloring, drawing, painting, and sketching with these new tools.


Different ways to use the watercolor markers for maximum benefits

You need to learn different ways to get the maximum benefits of the watercolor markers. These ways include the selection of watercolor markers, paper, and learning of some basic techniques. Let’s see how we can get the maximum benefit of the watercolor markers.

Buying a watercolor marker

Watercolor quality and strength also play an important role in the maximum benefits of the watercolor markers. Whenever you decide to buy the watercolor marker set, you can get it in local craft stores and online stores as well. When you are purchasing from any place, make sure to see the color variety of the watercolor markers. Moreover, you can also concentrate on the following things.

  • You need to check the watercolor marker that comes with a refillable feature. Most of the clear water markers come empty and you need to unscrew their top and fill the clear water.
  • Concentrate on the tip of the watercolor markers. Most of the watercolor markers come with a moist tip that looks like a paintbrush. It helps you to get the effect like a watercolor painting with maximum ease and control.
  • You can also take them in hand and check how you feel about them. Ask yourself, are those watercolor markers provide you the maximum control and precision according to your style?

Paper selection

Paper selection is another important thing that is necessary to get the maximum benefits of the watercolor markers. Because if the paper is not good you can’t get the perfect results even with the premium quality watercolor markers. Watercolor markers are usually a thick medium, so you need the paper accordingly. A heavyweight and smooth paper are perfect for the watercolor markers. Heavyweight papers are usually thick and prevent the watercolor markers from leaking, and the smooth surface ensures the nice even look of your painting. Let’s see some other points about the paper selection.

  • You can also choose the rougher surfaces, depending upon the look you want. But it can wear out the brushes more quickly.
  • You can also choose the sturdy cardstock, which can be beneficial while using watercolor markers.
  • The last option for paper selection can also be a coloring book. You can simply choose a book with high-quality thick pages.

Make an outline of a basic shape

You can start with a simple shape of a rectangle or any other that you like. Draw one half of the rectangle and leave it unfinished. Try to keep the color light; you can also put the pressure on the marker tip. Making a proper outline will help you in getting the maximum benefits from the watercolor markers.

  • You can start with simple shapes.
  • Make sure the shapes are small to converse the watercolor ink.

Use clear water marker

You can also use the clear water marker with the watercolor markers to get the great effects. But make sure the colored ink is not dried when applying the clear water marker. Move the clear water brush inside the simple shape to get the nice effects. You will get the lighter shade of the color by doing this.

  • You need to continue this work until you fill out your complete shape.

Take care of your watercolor markers

Carrying on anything is very important to get the maximum benefit of that thing. When we talk about the watercolor markers, the carrying of watercolor markers is also important to get the maximum preciseness for a long time. Whenever you use your clear water marker for blending, make sure to properly clean it after use.

  • Make sure that all the watercolor markers are properly sealed after using them. Because the open caps markers get dried quickly, which affects their tips as well. However, you can revive markers later, but it’s a long process.

What are the uses of watercolor markers?

Watercolor markers are a very versatile and mess-free option to use for various purposes and benefits. We can easily use the watercolor markers for sketching, drawing, and painting. As a beginner, the watercolor markers can be a great replica of the brush watercolors. You can easily get the watercolor effects by using the watercolor markers. While the brush watercolor markers require maximum control to get the perfect results.

But the watercolor brushes can provide you the more options as compared to watercolor markers. Sometimes the watercolor markers are also considered as the modern definition of the watercolor paintings. The water-based ink in the watercolor markers is always ready for any watercolor work. You can also get a line marker effect without using the water with the watercolor markers.


From all the above discussion we can conclude that a choice of the watercolor markers and watercolor paper plays an important role in the benefits of the watercolor markers. You need to learn about the different watercolor marker techniques for the perfect results. Moreover, you also need to take proper care of your watercolor markers to get the maximum benefits from them. Don’t leave your watercolor marker open, it can dry the watercolor markers quickly, and you can’t get the ideal results with a dried watercolor marker.

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