What are the Advantages of Using the Watercolor Pencils?

Do you know! What are the advantages of using watercolor pencils? Watercolor pencils are an essential part of any artist’s life. Artists use these pencils for drawing and painting purposes. These both features make these watercolor pencils ideal for all the artists. Any artist can color his drawing or painting with the watercolors just like colored pencils, but these colors make a real difference through their results.


When these watercolors mix with the water, they give a perfect glossy look to the drawing or painting. Moreover, watercolor pencils can provide you the most coloring options as compared to the tube watercolors. Watercolor pencils come in various lengths and shapes. You can easily choose the best one according to your need and style.

Advantages of watercolor pencils 

Let’s see some different advantages of using watercolor pencils.


The first and essential feature of the watercolor pencils is their flexible nature. You can easily use these pencils over a dry surface for sketching. After the sketching, you can use the water to blend these colors. It will give a perfect painting look to your sketch. After that, you can use the ink lines to give some finishing touch to your sketch. You can mix them with pen and ink in various ways to provide a perfect look to your drawing. Moreover, you can also use it to illustrate your illustration.


The second most important thing is the versatility of watercolor pencils. The water-soluble nature of the watercolor pencils is ideal for preventing the painting from wax build-up. It’s a perfect feature of the watercolor pencils to mix the different media. But it will be best if you make sure that the pen and brush can build-up the wax, which is responsible for the color consistency issues.

Moreover, you can easily use the watercolor pencils on dry or wet surfaces. You can quickly obtain the dramatic results with just a drop of water. On dry surfaces, these pencils behave like traditional colored pencils, while when mixing with water, they act as a painting.


There are different brands of watercolor pencils available. All these watercolor pencils brands provide almost identical advantages. You can easily choose any brand, which suits perfectly to you. You can find watercolor pencils in online and physical stores. Online stores are the perfect places to find a variety of watercolors. But if you want to check watercolor pencils before buying, you can go to physical stores. These stores usually have less variety of colors. They only have more popular colors. You can mix up different brands and make your toolkit according to your work. It will help you to get the ideal results according to your work.

Color and pigment

The watercolor pencils look very similar to the colored pencils when you use them in dry. The color quality may vary a little bit depending upon the brand. But usually, their look is like colored pencils. Sometimes the watercolor pencils have a little bit of softer lead as compared to colored pencils, but the results are almost the same as colored pencils.

By adding some water, you can also get the perfect blending look, just like the paint. The water quantity depends upon your need and work. But make sure while mixing between different brands, one color from one brand may not look exactly like the color from the other brand.

Maximum control

Watercolor pencils provide maximum control during use as compared to tube watercolors. These pencils come in different designs, including triangular shapes. The different shapes of watercolor pencils offer you the maximum variety. You can easily choose any watercolor set, which perfectly suits your style. You can easily draw the sketch and layers of your painting with maximum control.

Easy to use

It’s straightforward to use the pencil watercolors as compared to traditional tube watercolor pencils. Due to their easy usability, you can get maximum advantages from the watercolor pencils. You don’t need any special palette, palette knives, and brushes for using the watercolor pencils. In these pencils, the color is entirely enclosed in a wood or any other material cover, which is easily usable. Moreover, it will be best if you’ll worry about cleaning around the place as well. It is a very controlled way to get watercolor effects without any mess. You can also get the shape of the lead according to your needs.

Beneficial for creating special effects

4 watercolor techniques which can change your art game

  • The first technique is to draw the color first and then brush it with wet water. Make sure to wet the lighter colors first to get the perfect results because the darker pigment in the lighter color is not the best combination. It is best if you remember that the wet and dry colors look different. For better results, you can draw a test run on rough paper.
  • You can also use watercolor pencils as a portable paint. In the first method, you can draw the pencil on paper and then use the wet brush on it. In the second method, you can directly rub the pencil against the brush to use it on paper.
  • You can also use watercolor pencils to add detail in your painting. You can make the designs and lines on the painting with watercolor pencils.
  • Watercolor pencils are also helpful to add the pattern in the painting like colored pencils. You can also use the dry watercolor pencils on wet paper to produce the perfect soft lines.

These are the four basic techniques of watercolor pencils, which can lead you to the best painting-like effects.


From all the above discussion, we can conclude that the watercolor pencils look like colored pencils, but these have many advantages over the usual colored pencils. Watercolor pencils are versatile, flexible, and provide maximum control during use. Moreover, there is a large variety of watercolor pencils available. You can easily choose any watercolor pencil according to your work and need. You need to concentrate on some basic techniques to get the perfect results.

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